On March 5, 1983 I put up an osprey pole for Jerry and Nancy Kohlberg on their Chilmark property at the foot of Abel’s Hill.
Thirteen years ago, an urban planner and designer came to the Island from Montreal as the new executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.
Way back in the 1930s my father and his brother, as well as my two older brothers enjoyed firing their .22 rifles in target practice.
It isn’t new to find the Atlantic Portuguese man-of-war along the coastal beaches of the Vineyard.
Thank you Martha’s Vineyard for another practically perfect summer.
After a decade under the reign of philosopher-king Jon Stewart, one might think irony had lost its power to shock.
It is difficult to believe, but I have been practicing on Martha’s Vineyard at Vineyard Complementary Medicine for nine years now.
I was a bit surprised to read in the “on the rock” section of The Vine, the Wheel Happy ad encouraging bikers to participate in “Thirsty Thursday”...
Welcome, Mr. President. Just a note to applaud and thank you for your diplomatic successes.