Facing an unexpected budget shortfall, Aquinnah town leaders will call a special town meeting early next month to decide how to balance the budget. Town officials have discovered a $101,564 deficit.
An extensive plan to upgrade and resurface the 6.5-mile stretch of road that spans three towns has the backing of the joint transportation committee and funding from the state.
Tributes and expressions of sympathy were heard around the country for the acclaimed illustrator and children’s author who delighted multiple generations with his books.
The wind is rude at four in the morning on top of the Gay Head Cliffs. It pushes and shoves and says, if not in words then in gusts, whistles and heavy coughs, this is my turf.
We've seen the world separately aboard trains, ships, sailboats, planes and from journeys in our youth. And these days my dad is my significant other.
Island business establishments have contributed as usual to the Christmas season with decorated stores and windows. Oak Bluffs leads in outdoor decorations.
I woke up at 1 a.m. wondering how many people you could fit on Martha’s Vineyard.
I write to thank the staff of the Vineyard Haven Post Office for their service and wish them a happy holiday season.
A huge thank you to the entire Island community for your overwhelming support of our holiday concert this past weekend.