A town fuel dock that debuted this summer has far exceeded the expectations of the Oak Bluffs officials who pushed for it. The fuel dock sold about twice as much fuel as predicted.
Sylvia Ilieva and Vladimir Vladimirov of West Tisbury announce the birth of a daughter, Vivian Vladi Vladimirov, born on Oct. 23 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
Soon it will be time to take a long look at the school district budget — never a great time for a parent of a student with special needs.
Four new oyster farms could be coming soon to Menemsha Pond, which already hosts six aquaculture ventures.
West Tisbury animal control officer Joan Jenkinson told selectmen Wednesday that the birds on Mill Pond leave the pond too often, threatening their safety.
We don’t call it the dump anymore, not officially anyway. We don’t even call it the landfill, because our trash is no longer buried in the ground. For the past two decades, Islanders have been disposing of their trash by taking or sending it to a transfer facility.
The men and women of Coast Guard Station Menemsha agreed that June Manning's exemplary spirit of giving and "just because she's June" merited some small town, down home recognition.
Now is a perfect time for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to “articulate its mission and reconsider its priorities.” To take it a step further, it is time for the commission to prioritize its planning under the umbrella of climate change.
If ever there was an issue crying out for a plebiscite, the proposed third bridge is it. The decision on this dubious improvement is crucial to the quality of life of everyone living on Cape Cod now and into the future.