Vineyarders have a reputation for being ardent municipalists, preferring to address their problems at the town level.
Calendars have been telling us since March 21 that spring is here, but most calendars hang on walls or are perched on desks indoors.
I think we’ve overlooked the practical issue of why my gay brothers and sisters would ever want to hire a caterer or photographer or waiter who objected to being there on religious grounds.
Island taxi drivers appealed to local government this week to address Uber, a ride sharing service they said could dismantle their industry. A letter signed by 11 taxi drivers asked selectmen to “protect the public from unlicensed and unregulated taxis operating within Edgartown.”
The following cases were heard in Edgartown district court.
The way Nick chose to live his life makes me take a breath, become more inspired and encouraged not to waste a single moment.
I too had an epiphany about “recording the moment” instead of “being in it.”
Mary Ferreira probably worked the longest hours of anyone at the Up-Island Super Market, which she and her husband opened on May 26, 1965.
A headline in a recent story in the Gazette read: “Oak Bluffs Finds Stable Financial Footing.”