Meverell (Mev) Good, who served in the 10th Mountain Division in World War II, died on Feb. 9 at the age of 91.
Last spring, Ken Greene, the founder of the country’s first community seed library, came to the Vineyard to help lead a seed saving workshop.
It is interesting how we remember things. As a nutritionist, my nostalgic thoughts often turn to food. Was food and nutrition simpler back then, I wonder.
“Snowfall will be above normal in most of the Northeast, although below normal in much of New England.” So said the Old Farmer’s Almanac for the start of 2015. It sounds like a cheap fortune cookie message. Also, it sounds quite off the mark.
This snowy, cold winter has been a trial for most of us. Some of us, who don’t dare walk on icy, slippery terrain, have been housebound for weeks.
An atmosphere of great celebration prevailed here at the Island Wide Youth Collaborative and Martha’s Vineyard Community Services this week.
Like the rest of our Island community, the Island Community Chorus, with over 100 members, was getting restless and frustrated. Weekly snowstorms forced the cancellation of our Monday night rehearsals.
The extraordinary beauty of this Island has always enchanted me. I call it one big Japanese garden. The Island is alive with a myriad of landscapes.
Now that the winter holiday decorations have come down, but while there’s still plenty of snow on the ground, it’s time to take stock and offer some somewhat tardy thank you’s.