Hurricanes may begin to strike the southern New England coastline more often and more ferociously than at any time since colonial settlement, according to a new study that offers evidence of ancient hurricane landfalls in the Northeast.
Martha’s Vineyard is a bellwether of climate change, sea level rise and socioeconomic dynamics. It also is a place with both the interest in and commitment to dealing with its effects.
For the first time in more than five decades, there will be no basketball in Niantic Park this summer due to major renovations planned for the popular Oak Bluffs hangout. Construction is slated to begin mid-April.
Gazette columnist Will Monast, who wrote Tales from Gosnold for the Gazette and had a devoted following, died on Feb. 18. What follows is a column by him first published in June 2013.
Dad’s a drunk named Bull, brother Jimmy is an ex con dealing heroin, and Cooper Harrison is stepping in a pile of donkey manure on a regular basis as part of his job as the animal control officer for a small New England town called Harmony Farms.
As surely as winter sets in and the weather becomes cold and uncomfortable, there is talk of eel stifle among Vineyarders.
Recently a developer resubmitted a plan to subdivide a seven-acre parcel of land off the narrow lane, Mullen Way in Edgartown.
The following letter was sent to the Oak Bluffs historical commission.
It's time say farewell. For 59 years, the Vineyard has been a second home.