Bioaccumulation occurs when a substance becomes concentrated inside the body of a living thing. It happened with DDT.
Though we are already into October, David’s September sighting of a great spangled fritillary is definitely newsworthy, since these butterflies are quite unusual on the Vineyard.
Three years have passed since the publication of the book, The Mortal Sea, but its impact continues. The 378-page history of the dramatic decline of fish in the western Atlantic took 10 years of investigative work to write.
Whenever there is a baby born into our community we jump for joy, but in addition to the baby, there is a family that gets to take center stage. Aretha Brown, daughter of Kate Taylor, and Keron Brown are proud parents of a healthy and lovely baby girl. Zuri Elizabeth Brown was welcomed into the world on Sept. 27, not only by her parents but by her most amazing big sister Fiona.
The weekend weather was delightful. A smattering of pumpkins, mums and Halloween displays are beginning to appear around town. We now have an early sunset (6:20 p.m.), cooler temperatures and memories of a September that seem to have slipped by. On some vines and trees the leaves have begun to turn. But not until after Halloween will we really see some fine fall color on the leaves.
I am sitting here listening to the weather reports saying we will be getting two to four inches of rain and high winds. By the time you read this I sure hope it will be over. We really need the rain but we don’t need it all at once.
Beatrix Haven Houghton took her first breath of air at 8:13 p.m. on Sept. 14. Very considerate of her to not keep her parents up all night. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and measured 19.75 inches long. Her mom Jocelyn Filley and dad Graham Houghton welcome her into a large extended family of many aunts, uncles and cousins. Haven is an ancestral name.
If you are a friend of famous architect Francis Pitts, one of the stellar denizens of Our Town, if you are on Facebook with him or just know him the old fashioned in person way, be sure to connect for 11 fabulous photos he took on his recent trip to South Korea. Francis was in that neck of the woods to accept an award for his great work.
In our small town we should brook no surprise that once upon a time Oak Bluffs hosted the almost insultingly incongruent New York Yacht Club. The club was built on the corner of Seaview and Ocean Park by the Barnes family who lived there until 1886 when it was remodeled and established as the Oak Bluffs Club. Dancing and music, food and drinks were served at the place that Commodore Vanderbilt, John Jay Astor and Jay Gould were said to have used to entertain.