The Big Chili contest has come and gone for another year. Held last weekend at the P.A. Club in Oak Bluffs, this most popular annual Island event drew 1,800 people to taste, vote and catch up with their neighbors
This is a case of good news/bad news. The good news is that we are getting the repairs to the Chappy slip done before things fall apart. The bad news is that the next phase of the repair work will cause quite an inconvenience to ferry travelers.
It’s so unlikely that Oak Bluffs, the biggest tiny town on the rock, would have made valuable contributions to black American history. With the demeaning political season underway to replace the first African American president, perhaps reflecting upon those who helped pave the way might lessen the constant calumny in the news.
Another mild week with temperatures in the 50s most days with chilly nights. Perhaps it is because Aquinnah highway superintendent Jay Smalley purchased a snow blower for the season — a good omen — as he only needed to use it once in January.
Katie Carroll at your service, taking responsibility for the timely and accurate sharing of newsy-goodness for the town of Chilmark. Let’s start this week off right with a few birthday shout outs. We have two, yes two, babes in town who have recently reached the one year marker
The groundhog did not see his shadow so we are in for an early spring. However the days are getting longer and now it is light until 5:30 p.m. Early risers have noticed that the sun rises at 7 a.m. and Daylight Saving Time begins on March 13.
Imagine that you are a thick-billed murre. You prefer to swim, and love on the ocean for 10 months of the year.
Groundhogs are marmots that belong to a group of large ground squirrels in the order Rodentia.
Don’t get me wrong. I could not be happier, personally, for our non-winter. We have to admit, however, it is rather odd.