Filmmaker Jay Craven doesn’t fit any Hollywood molds. Never has. He is not so much an independent filmmaker as he is a community organizer who makes movies. His latest film, Peter and John, will screen on the Vineyard next week.
Liana Cajado and Rafael Louback of West Tisbury announce the birth of a son, Thomas Louback, born on June 30 at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Thomas weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces at birth.
To be asked to describe your ideal day might sound like the opening line of a therapy session, but it’s one that architect Mark A. Hutker uses in his practice too.
Thomas Dresser’s new book, Martha’s Vineyard: A History, presents a clear and concise description of the Island’s history.
Writing this column allows me to meet and occasionally partner with excellent bridge players.
In what is believed to be a June record, 19 boats gathered in Vineyard Haven on June 25 for an overcast Thursday evening Harbor Race.
The Io moth also stood out from the others because of its size and coloration.
By all accounts the breeding season is in full swing. The shorebirds that nest on our beaches and marshes are escorting their chicks around.
It is beyond me why I bother to write anything down. My brain must go out the end of the pen.