If I didn’t have Molly Glasgow of the Grey Barn and Farm in my life I would never have known that Jan. 20 is National Cheese Lovers Day.
Now is your chance to get a last look at the Katama opening. Park at the Wasque fishermen’s lot to get a bird’s-eye view right down at the gradually and assuredly diminishing channel.
After 25 years, Daisy Kimberly's Alley Cat is about to sound its last purr as the eclectic Main street boutique in Vineyard Haven is set to close. Mrs. Kimberly said the store will close its doors for good on Jan. 31.
The following cases were heard in Edgartown district court.
The few cats prowling around the animal shelter are patiently waiting for visitors and/or new owners.
The fact that we have not had a significant snowfall is a little disconcerting this time of the year, and it is as if we just sit waiting for a little snow to make us realize this is wintertime.
This past week has produced five other species that were not seen on the Christmas Bird Count: American kestrel, redpoll, bald eagle, redhead and piping plover.
The weather this winter is constant conversation material — in the single digits one day and near 50 the next. It sure beats last year’s almost weekly blizzards.
Last week, Lucy Thompson found a dead Atlantic sturgeon on a north shore beach. Atlantic sturgeon, once upon a time a common commercial fish, are now endangered.