Chilmark continues to thaw although the temperatures are a challenge to the sunshine that is trying to do its job. We still have a wintery aspect, but our snow cover is beginning to be a memory.
For those who can’t fathom a winter on Chappy, especially this winter, I say “you get used to it.” If this were a day in late September, temps hovering around freezing, I’d be bundled in layers of sweaters.
As I write this it is supposed to be in the 50s but we all know living in Edgartown, cold water and warm air creates fog, but the positive side of that is that it also helps melt the snow faster.
I was going to play some April Fool’s jokes on you in advance but, alas, I have been bested by the internet and Mother Nature.
The spring flowers are hard to find, but many birds are back. We should be so lucky as to see the grass, never mind what color it is.
After a brief period of uncertainty, Flatbread will again open for the upcoming season, though company owner Jay Gould said the summer home of wood-fired pizza and music performances is still on the market.
Basil Welch photographed nearly everything there was to see on the Island: boats, buildings, people, animal tracks, trees. Mr. Welch died in 2011, but left behind thousands of photographs of everyday life. The remainder of the photographs recently arrived at the Martha's Vineyard Museum.
It seems that the drudgery of winter has been a common lament throughout history, and one that continues today.
The weather, just like my family members, will not respond to criticism. Because I am able to dig in my hoop house, I keep trying to do some work.