Several days of rain last week put me right. I finally was able to attend to some indoor projects.
Nick Holonyak Jr., had a bright idea. This American engineer invented the LED (light emitting diode) in 1962 while working for General Electric (GE).
I had hoped to be able to report about seabirds being seen close to the Vineyard after the windy and wet weather we had between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5.
Okay, so people are asking me if I am satisfied now that we got the well needed rain. So I say yes, and as my friend Jan Norton always says, “The ponds are full, now winter can come.” However, listening to the weather reports, it is going to be in the 60s for the next week so winter won’t be here to soon.
Andrea Bocelli’s Con Te Partiro would be the best theme song for the disappearance of Farm Pond’s sea serpent, Vanessa, last week, signaling to all that the busy 2015 season has ended. It’s only natural that Oak Bluffs, built from the two Hansel and Gretel-like storybook neighborhoods of the Camp Ground and Cottage City, would have its own sea serpent.
Many of you native Islanders have had the pleasure I just experienced, so rare off-Island. About four of my childhood friends, ladies that I was in kindergarten through eighth grade with, arrived at our house for an impromptu reunion.
Chilmark seems to be still in summer mode. A leaf here and there is showing signs of red and yellow but the temperatures are still warm. A few of us are eager to show off our fall fashions but need to be in our warm weather gear still. The coming holiday weekend will be a busy one by all indications but it will signal the end of such festivities for this year. The businesses in town are all set to close this weekend so best to call ahead for current hours.
Condolences to the Mahoney family, Jim, Melissa, Aileen, and Seamus, on the loss of their pup, Boru. He was, according to Melissa, a loving, kind, protective, loyal, and steady member of their family for 11-plus years. Boru, the one in a million dog, will be deeply missed.
Madhuri Patel Lassiter died peacefully on Sept. 18 at her residence in West Orange, N.J. She was 80.