Chilmark is celebrating Earth Day today as I write and with some extra gratitude this year ... we can now see the earth! And, as it always does at this time of year, earth is producing many blooms. Even the skunk cabbage growth is welcome to our eyes.
Sun, rain, sun, rain, each day is a surprise. Warm, cold, warm, cold, we don’t know how to dress. But the sun helps keep our spirits up as many people still are talking about the winter weather and how happy they are that the sun is shining. I think most of us are happy we can at least open our windows once in a while.
Spring flowers are in bloom most everywhere, even though the weather, up until last weekend, was unseasonably cold and damp. The baseball field on Sunday hosted a youth baseball game and the tennis courts were also busy. Short-sleeved shirts and shorts were clothing of choice. My thanks to son Sam for sorting the mail at the post office during my absence.
A tourists’ guide published in Boston on June 1, 1897 unabashedly praised our favorite town. “It is probable that the great majority of people who make reference by voice or pen to Martha’s Vineyard are thinking when they do so, only of Cottage City, that place being the grand centre of attractions and interests for the whole Island, and, indeed, the summering centre, par excellence, of all the land and water thereabouts.”
Vineyard motorists with a bent for specialty license plates have a new choice thanks to a recent project by Martha’s Vineyard Community Services to create a plate with a Martha’s Vineyard design. The plate and design were recently approved by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Edgartown selectmen have tentatively called a meeting for May 4 to consider candidates for the town’s next police chief, when interim police chief Jack Collins is expected to make his recommendations.
Frances L. Alwardt, a resident of Oak Bluffs, died Sunday, April 19 at the Windsor Nursing Facility in South Yarmouth. She was 82.
Gail Wright Goltra died peacefully on April 17, ending a 22-year battle with cancer. She was 73.
On April 14 Marion Mackay died after a brief but courageous fight with cancer. She was in the company of Bob, her adoring husband of 56 years.