The kids are all right, at least as far as the derby is concerned. Seven-year-old Mason Warburton has held the top spot since the second day for his boat-caught false albacore.
Rising sun, rising tideRising fish, rising spiritThe birds in the skyStart to chirp, can you hear it?Cut and dip, dash and dive,
At its halfway point, the 69th Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby is going strong, with 2,793 contestants and 1,481 entries as of Thursday, including 468 in the week ending Saturday.
The waiting is the hardest part.Twice a day anglers bring their fish to derby headquarters to get weighed in. But there are always plenty more fishermen out there who haven’t caught a fish, or caught... Read more
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Grand Leaders





BoatPreston A. Butler15.00 lbs.
ShoreMichael J. Mulcahy15.20 lbs.

Striped Bass

BoatVinny Iacono39.77 lbs.
ShoreCreanga L. Cosmin38.63 lbs.


BoatNorman E. Bouchard, Jr.10.47 lbs.
ShoreSebby Keefe7.87 lbs.

False Albacore

BoatMason Warburton13.17 lbs.
ShoreMary Ann Angelone14.65 lbs.