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Chilmark selectmen on Tuesday signed a lease agreement with the Squibnocket Homeowners Association, formalizing a central feature of a project to...

Did you know the state fossil of Massachusetts is fossilized dinosaur tracks? Wait — did you even know that Massachusetts had a state fossil?

Several days of rain last week put me right. I finally was able to attend to some indoor projects.

Nick Holonyak Jr., had a bright idea. This American engineer invented the LED (light emitting diode) in 1962 while working for General Electric (GE).

I had hoped to be able to report about seabirds being seen close to the Vineyard after the windy and wet weather we had between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5.

A storm last week sent ocean surf rushing over the narrow barrier beach, severing Chappaquiddick from the rest of the Vineyard once again. The...