I picked up a hitchhiker last Friday morning while driving down my extremely long dirt road. He was dressed head to toe in camouflage and had an...

I am looking for a shelf big enough in my kitchen to accommodate the Costco size bottle of Sriracha.

When I was growing up in a suburb of New York city, I didn’t realize how average we all were. I don’t mean that in a bad way.

The bird is a tufted titmouse. That bird there, which I am observing, is a tufted titmouse. Time to call Vern Laux, the bird man.

The story comes out of Gay Head, where memories are longer, than in other places, of wall building bees.

Be good to/gab again/down on the pier/You could ride old Fergi/through the slurry mist/that spreads like/cotton sheets