A new shorebird came in for a landing at Squibnocket last week, a Baird’s sandpiper — a rare fall migrant on the Vineyard.

Last weekend Luanne Johnson and Liz Baldwin of Biodiversity Works asked for volunteers to help celebrate World Shorebirds Day.

The American golden plover was hunted on the Vineyard and elsewhere in the 1800s.

Bob Shriber's yard in Aquinnah was the hot spot on August 26 as he spotted a yellow-billed cuckoo, which has been very rare on the Vineyard this...

The 2014 inventory found there were 119 active osprey nests on the Island. If I did my math correctly, we had 63 successful nests.

I had an inkling that migratory movement was afoot when I received a call from Laurie Reese of Abel’s Hill. She reported two yellow warblers and two...

We usually don’t start seeing black-legged kittiwakes from the Island beaches until October, unless we have a storm from the north prior to that...

August is a fabulous month for bird watching on Martha’s Vineyard. The shorebirds are moving south and stop to feed on the sand flats Islandwide.

I sincerely doubt if heath hens were re-introduced to the Vineyard that they would make it through one season.