Graduating class, as we move forward and our lives scatter in different directions we will be trying to create our own identities in a new world and...
This is probably the last time we will be together as a class for a while, and that got me thinking: what does it mean to the class of 2015?
When my guidance counselor told me that I was salutatorian, my first thought was, “Can you recalculate my GPA?”
More than a decade ago, a landscape architect friend from Rhode Island brought us a house-warming gift when we had a cottage in Menemsha.
Editor’s note: The following speech was delivered at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School graduation Sunday.
After playwright Jon Lipsky, who was my father, died, the seed was planted for posthumously publishing eight of his finest plays.
I retired from 20 years of teaching in 1986, which means that I have been retired longer that I taught.
As with all of us, life is a series of stages and transitions. Years of joy and trepidation. Times of fun and despair. Or just plain time.
When I went to the Menemsha School as a kid, the post office was in the Chilmark Tavern building just a stone’s throw away from the school house....