In the debate with Dan Seidman, candidate for planning board, he is unwavering in the board’s refusal to address the waterfront zoning bylaw.
My name is Daniel Seidman. I have served the town of Tisbury for seven years as a member of the planning board.
I like to go about my business as inconspicuously as possible and let the results speak for themselves.
The voters of Oak Bluffs will face a ballot question asking whether the fluoridation of the town water supply should continue or be discontinued.
The Tisbury harbor management committee wants to eliminate anchoring in Lake Tashmoo to promote the growth of eelgrass, but allow transient moorings.
I hereby declare myself as a write-in candidate for the office of West Tisbury selectman, for a term of three years.
I would like to respond to last week’s editorial titled “Gutter Ball.”
The tourism industry is fueling economic recovery in Massachusetts by generating $18.5 billion in direct spending.
I am the mother of a young man with an autism spectrum disorder. I am writing to urge you to get your children vaccinated.