Two favorite 5Ks happen on Saturday, August 23: the Sullivan 5K Walk and Run in Oak Bluffs, and the Run for Jabberwocky 5K in Edgartown.

Q. 1—Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:♠ A 10♥ K Q 2♦ Q 5 4 2♣ Q 9 8 7The bidding has proceeded as follows:South   West  ...

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks fell short in their final campaign of the season, dropping the Futures Collegiate Baseball League championship series to...

Nazdak is the name of Isaiah Maynard’s Trek 520 steel frame touring bike.

Richard Carlson of Oak Bluffs defended his title and won the 2014 Rod and Gun Club’s Class A skeet championship with a score of 48x50.

It's a sign of the times that some of today's best bridge writing is on the Internet.

The weather gods toyed with the Holmes Hole fleet this past week. Thursday’s race was cancelled due to rain and lightning.

For the past 40 years the Martha's Vineyard Ice Arena has been a gathering place for Island families, and a place where rink rats grew into hockey...

Two wins stand between the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks and a repeat championship title. The team's last home game is Tuesday tonight.