Ho, to the Fair!

Ho, to the Fair!

Only about a month to go: The 150th Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair and Livestock Show opens Thursday, August 18, at 9 a.m.

Fair fans can now follow the event on Facebook (Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair) to get a steady stream of updates, information, photos and more.

The Ag Fair: Better Every Year for 150

The smell of hay and cotton candy, the lowing of cows, the dusty August air blowing through barn doors, ruffling your hair. The scratching of a horse against a stall, the whirring of the Ferris wheel.

Thousands of stitches hanging over the barn beams, the pride of dropping off an entry, no matter the age. Echoes of footsteps on the wide floorboards, wet grass tickling bare feet.

Seeds of Love for Agricultural Fair Sown at an Early Age

Every kid that grew up here has his or her own memories of the Agricultural Fair. From the oxen pull and skillet-throwing contest, to the rides and games, and, of course, the food, for four days in August the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair is the place to be.