Cooking with Beekman Boys

What could be better than books and the beach? How about books and the people who wrote them, near the beach.

Using Fiction to Discover Hard Truths

In her first novel in 12 years, Susan Minot explores the darkness and wonder of human experience. Thirty Girls, published this year, follows the stories of two women from vastly different cultures and backgrounds.

Sailing Was Faithful Companion to Kennedy Family

The Victura: The Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea, chronicles the Kennedy family's deep connection to a sailboat and sailing.

High Body Count Tough on Relationships

Terminal City is number 16 in Linda Fairstein's Alex Cooper series. Ms. Fairstein will be signing books at Bunch of Grapes on July 4.

A Chapter a Day Keeps Retirement Away

His name is Skip. Her name is Kathleen. They collaborated to write A Martha's Vineyard Love Story, just published this week.

Gay Head Light Book Shines Brightly

As part of the Gay Head Light summer solstice celebration, William Waterway will be reading from and signing copies of his new book Gay Head Lighthouse.

From Pond to Page, the Story of A Magical Summer Resident

Vanessa the green sea serpent basks in the sun from Memorial Day to Labor Day in a shallow pond off Beach Road. In the past three decades, she has had babies, nearly drowned in Hurricane Bob and posed for countless photos. And this summer, she has a book.

Finding Stillness Amid Deep Emotions

On the day Jennifer Tseng’s daughter was born, her father called her at the hospital. He called to congratulate her, but also to tell her he was having health problems which at the time were unknown. The illness turned out to be terminal cancer.

Red Flower, White Flower is Ms. Tseng’s first book of poetry since that phone call. In it she looks at the intersection between the extreme emotions that came in the years after her daughter’s birth, and the ways that these emotions converge.

Discover the Island, One Step at a Time

There are beetlebung trees and pinkletinks to identify, a heath hen sculpture to find and constantly changing landscapes to behold at either end of the Island. The Vineyard is a place of natural discovery and a new field guide hopes to capture just that.

Three Friends Capture Vineyard's Place in World War II

Authors met on Thursdays for lunch and their friendship led to writing a book on the Vineyard's place in history during World War II.