Singing His Story, Writer Stays True to Love of Words

Michael G. West wrote a talking blues song and it goes a little something like this. “I was born in 1947 / North of hell and south of heaven / About that time the sun went down / On San Francisco, my hometown . . . .”

Stories From Her Childhood Come to Life in Author's Young Adult Novel

On the northeast coast of Ireland in the small suburb Howth, Lara O’Brien spent her childhood days riding horseback with friends through the hillsides.

In New Book, Every Cat Gets Its Day

The Vineyard has a long history of being dog-centric. There are dogs on boats, dogs on beaches, dogs at offices. At the top of Circuit avenue there’s a shop dedicated to all things dog. And, of course, there’s the Island’s most well-known canine — the Black Dog.

With New Novels, Writer Finally Lets Imagination Enjoy Island Life

Richard North Patterson likes to think of himself as a method actor. The 66-year-old writer and part-time resident of West Tisbury writes mostly fiction, but while his characters are born out of the quiet space in his imagination, he said, their every thought and movement is grounded in research.

Conjuring Ringside Seats to Survival Tales

Author Michael Tougias likes to focus on real life adventure stories, particularly tales of disaster and rescue. One of his books, The Finest Hours, is based on what is often considered the most difficult rescue missions the U.S. Coast Guard ever attempted. His most recent book, A Storm Too Soon, recounts the journey of survival three men experienced after a northeaster ripped their boat in half 200 miles off the coast of the Carolinas in 2007.

Kids Get Rich Rewards from Life Lessons

As chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett is widely considered the most successful investor of the last century. Less well known is the fact that he impersonates super heroes such as Batman and Spiderman in his spare time.

He has Andy Heyward, a seasonal resident of Katama and the creator of Inspector Gadget, to thank for this.

New Book Proposes Kennedy Was Not Target of Lee Harvey Oswald

Nearly 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, numerous conspiracy theories still compete for attention. A recent study by the History Channel found that 85 per cent of Americans believe the assassination was the result of a plot against the president. Longtime Islander, historian and writer James Reston Jr. has developed his own argument in his new book.

Not Afraid to Go Against Diverse Tide

In his latest book Jews, Confucians and Protestants: Cultural Capital and the End of Multiculturalism, Lawrence E. Harrison, a senior research fellow and adjunct lecturer at Tufts University, presents an unorthodox investigation into what constitutes a universal progress culture. He does this by examining cultures through the lens of a set of values that include a focus on education, achievement, merit, frugality and ethical behavior.

It is his belief that these goals are facilitated mostly through the beliefs and attitudes inherent in Jewish, Confucian and Protestant cultures.

'Tis the Season to Embrace Differences

The Christmas holiday season can be a challenging time for American Jews and yet according to Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, PhD, former rabbi of the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, this has not always been the case.

Siblings Embrace River of Words and Each Other

Fact and fiction sat across from each other over coffee one morning this week. They also happened to be brother and sister.

“I write history and was jealous of the freedom that you had,” Paul Schneider said to his sister, Bethany (Bee) Ridgway.

“With fiction, you can do whatever you want,” she agreed. “As an academic, I’m so pencil-licky about things. I just busted free.