In Push North, Lone Star Ticks Plant Flag on Chappy

Cape Pogue resident Donald Greenstein has been finding lone star ticks on his property for years, but never in their current numbers. Island biologist and tick expert Richard Johnson surveyed the property and said he found 30 lone star ticks with 1,000 feet.

Chappy Residents Voice Concerns Over Possible Cell Tower

Edgartown selectmen agreed Monday to form a new committee to study options for mobile phone service on Chappaquiddick amid concern from residents that a cell tower will be built on the small, rural island.

Storm Unearths Pieces of Shipwreck on Chappaquiddick

The storm that slammed the Island in early November cancelled ferry trips and eroded beaches on Chappaquiddick. It also unearthed a mystery.

Pieces of what appears to be a 19th-century shipwreck were exposed on East Beach at Cape Pogue.

Chappy Beaches Closed to Vehicles After Storm

An early November storm last weekend left behind severe erosion on Chappaquiddick beaches. The Trustees of Reservations have temporarily closed all beaches on the Island to over-sand vehicle traffic.

Residents Concerned About Meeting Chappy Comcast Deadline

The campaign to bring high-speed internet to Chappaquiddick is short the required number of subscribers, with a little more than two months to go before the mid-December deadline.

Stuck in Slow Lane, Chappy Can't Connect

A brief, 527-foot ferry ride separates Edgartown proper from Chappaquiddick. But assume that voyage, and you step off the grid, surrendering access to reliable cell phone reception and the internet.

Are You There Edgartown? It's Me Chappy

Even though there is a substantial number of Chappaquiddick landowners paying taxes, the seasonal residents have had no voice in matters affecting them. The town treats Chappy as a colony of Edgartown.

Cape Pogue Closed to OSVs to Protect Plover Chicks

Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge is closed to oversand vehicles to protect nesting piping plover chicks, The Trustees of Reservations announced Monday.

One Year Later, Schifter House Settles In

A year has passed since Richard and Jennifer Schifter took a plunge into the Vineyard unknown and moved their 8,000-square-foot house away from an eroding Chappaquiddick bluff.

Looking back at the complex project this month, parties involved pronounce the project a success.

Next Phase Begins for Schifter Property: Restoring the Land

The Edgartown conservation commission grapples with an extensive landscape plan to restore the oceanfront Schifter property on Chappaquiddick where an 8,000-square-foot house was recently moved.