Hustle Over to Dreamland for Charter School Benefit

There was Something in the Air Tonight when Sweet Child of Mine said to me Let’s hop the Crazy Train, find some West End Girls and Rock the Casbah.

Charter School Breaks Ground on New Science Wing

Inside a small room at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School, recent graduate Greg Allan manipulated walls and textures in a three-dimensional modeling program on one of the computers in the lab, occasionally looking at a simple sheet of copy paper with partial blueprints on it. The walls and designs he created weren’t some abstract rendering–they were a visualization of what the charter school would look like after its two new science labs were added.

Charter School Graduates Look to the Future With Open Hearts

Families and students gathered beneath a whimsically-decorated tent Sunday afternoon to celebrate the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School graduation. “Trust your heart,” Fawn Pelletier, a 13-year student of the school told her four fellow graduates.

Charting Their Own Distinct Path

On Thursday afternoon, 10 days before graduation, the small class from the Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School gathered at the Polly Hill Arboretum for lunch in the garden.

Charter School to Begin Construction Project

The school is embarking on an ambitious building project that includes construction of two new science classrooms to house modern equipment funded by $200,000 grant.

Wooly Workshop Shows Where Sweaters Come From

Wendy Gray's Field and Felt session with Charter School students Saturday included a guest appearance by a ewe from the Allen Farm.

Charter School Hosts Enrollment Open House

Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School is hosting an enrollment open house on Tuesday, Jan. 28, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Visiting Spanish Students Experience Island Life

A week ago 15 high school students from Castellon de la Plana, Spain, arrived on the Island, hosted by the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School. This was the first visit to the United States for many of the students.

Sing a Song of Peace

The 13th annual Winter Concert: Songs of Peace, Hope and Light with the Martha’s Vineyard Charter School community chorus is at 5 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center on Sunday, Dec. 22.

Celebrating the 70s at the Charter School

My Sharona had a Heart of Glass that shattered when she discovered she was Born to Run and no amount of Shadow Dancing down at the YMCA could change a thing. She tried to Turn the Beat Around at the Car Wash but then some Macho Man collapsed her Stairway to Heaven after a way too long Ladies Night. It looked bad. Despair sunk in. She decided to take the Midnight Train to Georgia where she rented a small Brick House. Turned out her neighbor was a Black Magic Woman who moonlighted as an engineer on the Love Train.