Dredging at Little Bridge Begins This Week

A long-awaited project to dig out the Sengekontacket channel will begin early Monday. Enormous deposits of sand have collected on both sides of the bridge, blocking the exchange of water between the salt pond and the ocean.

Dredging Under Little Bridge Set to Begin Soon

A long-awaited project to dredge a channel that feeds Sengekontacket Pond is set to go this spring, now that Oak Bluffs has awarded a bid for project. Sediment has been piling up at the channel since Hurricane Sandy.

Jetty Rebuilding at Menemsha Set to Begin

A project to rebuild the two jetties at Menemsha harbor is expected to begin in the next two weeks, while a more controversial project to dredge the channel to Menemsha Pond has been delayed until next fall.

Funding Approved for Oak Bluffs Dredging

The town of Oak Bluffs learned Friday that the federal government has approved funding to dredge under the Little Bridge at Sengekontacket Pond. The news capped a week during which selectmen began discussing alternatives if funding did not come through.

Funding Delay Complicates Oak Bluffs Dredging

Discouraged by a stalled quest for federal funding, the town of Oak Bluffs is now looking for other ways to dredge the sand-filled channel beneath the Little Bridge at Sengekontacket Pond. The inlet has now closed and the window to dredge it is also closing, with April the deadline for work to be done.

Health of Menemsha Pond at Stake

The following letter was sent to the Army Corps of Engineers; the author is chairman of the Chilmark selectmen.

Chilmark Steadfast in Objection to Army Corps Dredging

Reacting to an April 7 letter from the federal agency, selectmen sounded off about the decision to dredge Menemsha channel despite the town’s objections. “I’m not surprised but I am ticked off,” said selectman Jonathan Mayhew.

Channel Crossing

A spirit of cooperation traditionally prevails in the neighboring towns of Aquinnah and Chilmark, but there has been disagreement lately over an Army Corps of Engineers project to dredge the Menemsha basin and channel.

Army Corps Says It Will Dredge Menemsha Channel Despite Chilmark Objections

Funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project comes from the $50 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill passed in 2012. Aquinnah wants the dredging, but Chilmark does not.

Dredging Menemsha Channel Poses Risks to Pond

This is to express my concern about the proposed project of the Army Corps of Engineers to re-dredge the existing channel.