Fine Dining Among the Fire Trucks; Edgartown Police Cook for Seniors

Edgartown seniors were treated to a hot meal at the Edgartown Fire Station Friday afternoon, compliments of the town’s Police Patrolmen’s Association. The beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes supper began with handmade crab cakes and ended with pie.

After 29 years Sgt. Johnson Shifts to the Beat of Retirement

Next summer, Kenneth Johnson and his wife Mary can watch the Fourth of July fireworks together for the first time. Mr. Johnson, 56, has retired after 29 years as a sergeant with the Edgartown Police Department.

Edgartown Police Make Drug Arrests, Emphasize Concerns About Heroin

Two Edgartown men face drug charges including heroin possession following a bust Friday by Edgartown police and the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force.

Police are emphasizing the seriousness of heroin use and overdoses on the Island.

Edgartown Welcomes Student Police Officer

When Zachary Townes becomes a full-time police officer in Edgartown next year, pending completion of the police academy, it won’t be his first paycheck from the town. Far from it. Mr. Townes, 29, has worked for the town for 13 years.

Edgartown Police Investigating Alleged Hate Crime

Edgartown police are searching for two or three men allegedly involved in an assault Saturday night that is being considered a hate crime, police said Monday.

Edgartown Police Join Ranks at Boston Marathon

The handful of Islanders who ran the marathon this week were not the only ones who had trained for the big day. Officer Jeff Trudel and Det. Michael Snowden of the Edgartown police department trained to be among 100 members of a special bicycle unit that patrolled the marathon route Monday.

Police Detective Work Leads to Arrest in Copper Theft

An Oak Bluffs man has been charged with stealing more than $5,000 worth of copper wiring from an Island electric company. Edgartown Det. Michael Snowden led the investigation.

Keeping the Town Safe and Making Chowder From Scratch

The Edgartown police department was hard at work early Friday morning — in the kitchen.

They had to cook for a crowd, after all. By noon, 80 senior citizens came to the fire station to dine on food prepared by the police department, “our way to say thank you to the seniors, and to let them get to know us a little bit better,” Officer William Bishop said.

Officer Michael Gazaille made the lobster rolls and the strawberry shortcake, while Sgt. Jonathan Searle went quahaugging and made chowder. Officer Bishop made stuffed quahaugs.

Edgartown Unveils New Emergency Management Center

On Saturday afternoon the Edgartown Police Department held an open house, giving taxpayers a chance to see all the new bells and whistles.

Officers gave tours of the new Emergency Management Center and showed off the new emergency response boat.

Patrolman Jamie Craig, a member of the SWAT team dispatched to Watertown last week, talked about SWAT training procedures.

Police Address Medical Marijuana Law

Edgartown police are issuing a criminal complaint summons for a man who was allegedly growing marijuana in his Twentieth street home, an early test of the state’s recently approved medical marijuana law.

While responding to a reported theft at Keith Bassett’s apartment on Jan. 27, Edgartown police allegedly found a marijuana grow room.

According to a police report by Det. Sgt. Christopher Dolby, the room allegedly contained about 12 marijuana plants, each three feet tall, and the room had lights “and other equipment designed to cultivate marijuana.”