Baby Flounder are Progressing Well

The thousands of baby flounder being raised at the Wampanoag Tribe’s Aquinnah hatchery will be released late this summer at Clam Point in Nashaquitsa Pond, part of the Menemsha Pond system, according to the lead scientist of the two-year project to raise winter flounder in captivity and release them into safe waters.

Elizabeth A. Fairchild, of the University of New Hampshire, told a gathering last week at Chilmark Public Library that the Aquinnah project, overlooking Menemsha Pond, has been a great success thusfar in raising the tiny fish.

Battle of the Islands

Battle of the Islands

Which island is better? In the interest of unbiased reporting, we’ll let the fish do the talking.

This weekend the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters soundly defeated the Nantucket Anglers’ Club in the fifth annual Island Cup fishing contest, held June 22 through 24 on Martha’s Vineyard. The catch and release surf casting contest is designed to build friendships and foster friendly competition between the islands. (And what’s better than friendly competition when you win?)

Island Waters Awash With Squid, May Be Best Fishing in Years

In a dramatic reversal of fishing fortune, the last few weeks have offered the best squid fishing in years.

Herring Highlight New Fishing Season

The fish are here — in force.

Striped bass, alewives (also known as herring), black sea bass and squid have arrived for an early start to the fishing season. Striped bass have been seen and caught in hot pursuit of herring swimming into local coastal ponds.

Fisheries Meeting Slated for Tisbury

The state advisory commission that manages saltwater fisheries in our waters, under the Massachusetts State Division of Marine Fisheries, will hold a meeting Thursday, May 10, 11 a.m. at the Katharine Cornell Theatre in the Tisbury Town Hall. It is rare for the commission to meet here — they meet nine times a year and almost always on the mainland. The director of the division, Paul Diodati, will also attend along with the commissioners and division staff.

Beautiful Bluefish

Pound for pound, there is not a more ferocious, hard-pulling fish than the bluefish — which makes it a perfect target for young anglers learning how to catch a fish. To the inexperienced youth holding a rod and reel, hooking a small, four-pound snapper bluefish can feel like hooking a whale. They tug and tug and tug (keep your fingers away from its sharp teeth).

Trout Tourney Lures Young Anglers

The threat of rain, drizzle and leaden skies did not diminish the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club’s annual trout tournament held at Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury last Saturday. In the early hours of morning, fishing was great and the youngsters caught plenty and saw only a few raindrops.

Ready for Fishing Season

The signs are everywhere: just take a look at any one of the local traffic jams.There is an unmistakable abundance of cars and trucks with fishing poles sticking out.

Take a walk on Main street in Edgartown late in the afternoon and there is more evidence. Spirited fishermen, of all ages, are walking carrying fishing poles. It isn’t just those folks dressing up for a dinner and a dance on the waterfront filling the streets. There are people walking around with tackle boxes. Memorial Wharf is busy with anglers.

One Oyster License Left

Edgartown selectmen this week granted an aquaculture license to Jeremy Scheffer to grow oysters on a one-acre space in Katama Bay. The bottom grant marked the 11th of 12 licenses that the town can give out to shellfishermen.

Shellfish constable Paul Bagnell said the shellfish committee had approved Mr. Scheffer’s request, and he remarked that a growing family of oyster farmers on the bay are working well together.

Fisheries Council Orders Monitoring for Herring

In an effort to cut down on the accidental harvesting of river herring and other fish, local fishing authorities ruled this week that all fishing boats targeting Atlantic herring must have impartial observers onboard and will be required to file more detailed reports of their activities. The program will take effect beginning next year.