Tall Lobster Tail

From Gazette editions of April, 1987: A monster lobster was landed this week by the 75-foot fishing boat Unicorn out of Menemsha. Capt. Gregory Mayhew and his mate Dominique Penicaud came ashore with a 17-pound male lobster

With Lobster, as with Love, Simplicity Is Recipe for Success

Being in love is like eating lobster on the beach as the sun sets over the ocean on a cool evening in July. It is the feeling of washing down each butter-bathed morsel with a cold swig of bubbly wine, then stripping down and cleansing the remnants of the day away by diving head-first into the cool water. Being in love is knowing, while you swim, how lucky you are to warm yourself with the heat of someone else’s body, wrapped up together in one towel in front of a gentle fire as the night grows darker and the air cooler.

Steamed Lobster

Steamed Lobster

1 1/2 pound lobsters (one per person)

Unsalted butter

Salted butter

Lemon juice

Longtime Lobster Hatchery Director Tapped for Award

John T. Hughes, the former longtime director of the Massachusetts State Lobster Hatchery on the Vineyard, will be honored by the state Division of Marine Fisheries next month, which will present him with the Belding Award.

Created in 1989 to honor individuals who in the opinion of the state Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission have done the most to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the commonwealth’s marine resources, the award is named for Dr. David L. Belding, a distinguished doctor and marine biologist who died in 1972.