County Moves Ahead to Buy Former VNA Building

A new home for the Center for Living is a step closer to reality, after the Dukes County Commission voted last week to borrow money to buy the former Vineyard Nursing Association building.

Aquinnah Approves Center for Living Building

Aquinnah voters gave the final go-ahead Tuesday for the purchase of a new building for the Center for Living to serve Island seniors, approved a $4.1 million annual operating budget and heard an update on town efforts to move the Gay Head Light.

Chilmark Voters Support Center for Living Facility, Say No to Schools Building

Chilmark voters approved funding for a new Center for Living facility but said no to a new school administration building.

Center For Living Looks to Towns for Help with Building Purchase

The Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living is looking for support for a new building from town meeting voters in all towns, who will be asked whether to support a $1.6 million bond for the purchase of the former Vineyard Nursing Association building.

The Future Is Now

This letter is an appeal to every Islander who cares about the future of our elder population. Every day, the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living Supportive Day Program provides support to the frailest members of our community; support that can’t be found anywhere else.

Supporting Supportive Day

I am Marvin Rosencrantz and I have an Alzheimer’s story to tell. It is also a story about what the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living Supportive Day Program has done and continues to do to support my family.

Save the Day

I am writing to urge everyone to support the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living in the quest for a new home for the center and the Supportive Day Program.

Honoring Each Moment Along Life's Long Journey

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease is difficult for many reasons. On the Vineyard, memory loss groups are indeed as much about providing a place for people with Alzheimer’s to go and feel comfortable, as a way for caregivers to get a needed respite and learn critical information.

Dementia Certificate Program

Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living Supportive Day Program staff has completed the Dementia Certificate Program for Professionals Levels I and II, the center announced this week. The Supportive Day Program staff also received 20 hours of consultation training. The training and experience will enhance the staff’s ability to provide services and support to individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or related dementia, and their families and caregivers, the center said.

Surprise $500,000 Surplus Catches County Off Guard

The Dukes County Advisory Board on County Expenditures was presented with an uncommon windfall during Wednesday afternoon’s meeting, learning from a preliminary audit of the fiscal year 2012 budget that the county had an overall surplus of $572,726. That figure includes a net income of $300,000 for FY2012, as well as additional funds from FY2010 and FY2011 surpluses.