Sing Hallelujah!

Like the rest of our Island community, the Island Community Chorus, with over 100 members, was getting restless and frustrated. Weekly snowstorms forced the cancellation of our Monday night rehearsals.

Film Center Hosts Free Screening of Selma for Island Youth

Martha’s Vineyard joins the list of major cities offering a free screening of the film Selma to students ages 18 and younger.

Film Center Call for Artists

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center opens its lobby to display Island artists’ work again in 2015.

Not Another Cat Call, Film Shows Whistling Can be High Art

Filmmakers explore the serious and whimsical world of whistling in their film Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling.

Memorial Film Series

The West Tisbury library and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center are collaborating in presenting the inaugural Jonathan Revere Memorial Film Series with the 1939 classic The Women.

Faith and Sexual Orientation Subject of Documentary

Retired bishop Gene Robinson's journey is the subject of Love Free or Die, a documentary that screens on Saturday at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center.

Woody Pines to Rock Film Center

Martha’s Vineyard Film Society makes way for music on Thursday, Feb. 13, when Woody Pines comes to play. The band integrates sounds from Leadbelly to Bob Dylan, from Woodie Guthrie to Preservation Hall. And just like Mr. Guthrie, the band logs a lot of road miles, 7,800 in their van last year. Vineyarder Brad Tucker plays lead guitar and sings backup vocals.

The opening set features Jemima James and Goodnight Louise.

For tickets, visit or call 508-696-9369 for more information.

Star Gazing at the Film Center

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, actors Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga will touch base with the Vineyard—and not hidden away at some secluded enclave.

Martha's Vineyard Film Center Proves its Premise: If You Build It, They Will Come Watch

In the projection room of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center in Vineyard Haven there is one Mac computer on a desk and two small flatscreen Toshiba monitors mounted on a tall unit that controls film projection. On the floor and on a nearby table are several small crates, some orange and some muddy silver, all marked with return FedEx labels. Ship To: BURBANK, CA.

Small Town Life Hits the Big Screen

For his One Hundred Town Tour this summer to promote his latest film, Northern Borders, Jay Craven makes it clear that this is a purposefully small town circuit.

“In the fall we’ll take it to the cities, Boston, New York, but this is a small town film, so we felt it should first be shown in the small towns of New England.”

On Thursday, August 8, the film screens on Martha’s Vineyard at the Film Center in Vineyard Haven.