Vineyard Voices on Film

The oral history collection, Vineyard Voices curated by Linsey Lee at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, has been an Island staple for many years now.

Documentary Week Proves Again That Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

On Monday night, The Wolfpack opened Documentary Week at the Martha's Vineyard Film Center. The movie tells the true story of six brothers who were raised trapped within the confines of their cramped Lower East Side apartment, locked up by their father.

Documentary Week Arrives at Film Center

Five films will be screened from August 3 to 7 at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center as part of its first annual Documentary Week.

Following the Story Leads to Scary Places

Watching Matthew Heineman’s new documentary Cartel Land is like visiting a meth lab in the desert on a dark night, being caught in the middle of a shootout between Mexican vigilantes and a drug cartel, and being a witness to torture.

Environmental Film Festival Plugs In

The first annual Environmental Film Festival will be held at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center from May 20 through May 24.

Local Filmmakers Embrace Sustainability

On Earth Day, local filmmakers Ken Wentworth and Liz Witham will celebrate visionary Islanders with their Sustainable Vineyard Episodes series.

Sing Hallelujah!

Like the rest of our Island community, the Island Community Chorus, with over 100 members, was getting restless and frustrated. Weekly snowstorms forced the cancellation of our Monday night rehearsals.

Film Center Hosts Free Screening of Selma for Island Youth

Martha’s Vineyard joins the list of major cities offering a free screening of the film Selma to students ages 18 and younger.

Film Center Call for Artists

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center opens its lobby to display Island artists’ work again in 2015.

Not Another Cat Call, Film Shows Whistling Can be High Art

Filmmakers explore the serious and whimsical world of whistling in their film Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling.