Off to See the Wizard in Owen Park

It isn’t Kansas, but Owen Park in Vineyard Haven will work nicely for the outdoor screening of The Wizard of Oz at 8 p.m. on Friday, August 15.

Art of the Forgery

The final dinner and a movie offering for the summer season of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival at the Chilmark Community Center will be Wednesday, August 20.

Vineyard Coincidence: Back Cracker Was Once Bat Cracker

The best sports stories are the ones that toe the line of improbability — the ones that unfold in real life without direction yet seem scripted in their narrative, as though they were written for a Hollywood studio.

Tragic Story Continues to Touch and Change Lives

By the time the lights came up after the screening last Wednesday of Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine, most of the audience was in tears. The film tells the story of Matt Shepard, an openly gay student at the University of Wyoming who was brutally murdered in 1998.

When Creation of a Film Is as Extraordinary as the Film Itself

In 2010 Cutter Hodierne decided to tell the story of a band of Somali pirates who commandeered a Ukrainian ship, the Faina. But he realized that the only way to do it right was to travel to Africa and use Somali actors.

That's a Wrap: Film Festival Finishes, Delights

The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival's four-day event featured 20 movies. In between screenings, filmgoers walked around, mingled with one another and sipped on Chilmark Coffee Company java.

Film Festival Embraces Complex Heroes and Stories

The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival opens on Thursday, March 13, with over 20 films, including features and documentaries, being shown during the weekend. The opening night film to be screened at the Edgartown Cinema's is Fading Gigolo produced by West Tisbury summer resident Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte.

Lights, Camera, Whitey Bulger?

The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival's annual winter event begins March 13 with showings through March 16.

Screen Gems

Author Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone, published in 2000, examined trends in American society and concluded that the country was growing apart due to lack of community involvement. His thesis pointed to a disengaged populace that was more isolated and therefore less likely to be empathetic. The traditional outlets for bringing a community together were no longer thriving, he said, from bowling leagues to PTA meetings, and as a result the country as a whole was suffering. 

Martha's Vineyard Film Festival Screens a Community of Stories

Next weekend, moviegoers will gather at the Chilmark Community Center for the 13th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. They will sit on bales of straw in the Hay Café and eat chef Chris Fischer’s home-cooked meals. But mostly, they will seat themselves in the cozy main room of the Chilmark Community Center, ready to get lost in the onscreen worlds of the 14 films in this year’s lineup.