No Passport Necessary, International Film Festival is a Hot Ticket

All you need to travel the world this week is a seat at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center for this year’s international film festival.

Martha's Vineyard Film Center Proves its Premise: If You Build It, They Will Come Watch

In the projection room of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center in Vineyard Haven there is one Mac computer on a desk and two small flatscreen Toshiba monitors mounted on a tall unit that controls film projection. On the floor and on a nearby table are several small crates, some orange and some muddy silver, all marked with return FedEx labels. Ship To: BURBANK, CA.

Film Festival Continues Jamming

This weekend the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival continues at venues throughout Vineyard Haven. The opening night ceremonies heralded in a new era as the first-ever film was screened at the new festival center located at 72 Beach Road in the Tisbury Marketplace.

The movie lineup continues through Sunday, at which point 22 films from around the world will have been showcased. A full schedule can be found online at

First International Film Festival Runs Thursday Through Sunday

This week, five downtown Vineyard Haven venues will become portals to far off places like Chile, New Zealand, Bosnia, South Africa, France and Iran. The mode of mental transportation: film.

Roughly 40 feature-length and short films from more than 15 countries will screen in three days and four nights during the Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival - the first of its kind on the Island.

Film Festival Directors Project Success

Move over Cannes. Sundance, save your films for a rainy day. The second annual Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival was in town this weekend and the roster combined the best of festival award winners, local documentaries and Academy Award nominees.

“It was excellent,” co-director Navette Previd said. “The attendance was fantastic, the audiences were excited about the film selections and the parties were a smash success.”

No Disney Required: Animators Go to the Dark Side at Festival

When most people think of animation, they think of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Shrek, but the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival’s Saturday evening Animation Lollapalooza aimed to dispel that misconception, showing a surprisingly adult selection including a meth-fueled teen sexuality, the systematic massacre of bubble-wrap bubbles, and a funny, amusing series about a girl trying to lose her virginity.

Filmmakers Who Shoot Locally, Screen Locally

The standout project in Saturday’s Think Globally, Shot Locally — a mixed bag of a forum at the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival — was Sara Nesson’s work-in-progress Iraq Paper Scissors, a documentary about Iraq War veterans participating in the Combat Paper Project.

Drizzle Dazzle: Festival Draws Soggy Patrons to Film Spectrum

Richard Paradise stood in the corner of the Katharine Cornell Theatre on Saturday afternoon, silent but smiling.

It was a rare moment. Mr. Paradise, co-director of the annual Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, is a natural talker and schmoozer. From the time this year’s festival kicked off Thursday afternoon to the time it closed Sunday at sunset, Mr. Paradise gabbed nonstop. He introduced films, talked shop with reporters and greeted audiences and filmmakers alike.

International Film Fest Brings World Cinema To Martha’s Vineyard

One of Richard Paradise’s favorite things about cinema is its ability to transport viewers in an instant to far-off places, foreign cultures and fanciful situations. At the 2009 Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, Mr. Paradise will enhance these screen voyages by bringing a taste of the exotic right to our doorstep, or rooftop, in the case of opening night.

Island Festival Gives Big World Intimate Focus

The Vineyard prides itself on promoting all things local: music, painting, livestock, produce, you name it. This weekend, though, the Island goes international as it celebrates the cinema of the world.

Last night the fifth annual Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival kicked off as it always does, with an opening night reception on the Mansion House rooftop.