Ethics Commission Finds Violation by Oak Bluffs Fire Chief

In hiring and supervising members of his family, Oak Bluffs ambulance and fire chief John Rose broke conflict of interest rules, the state ethics commission said Monday. But the commission declined to fine Mr. Rose or call for a hearing, instead sending a letter explaining requirements of the law.

Oak Bluffs Breaks Ground for New Fire Station

Oak Bluffs officials stood in a semi-circle on Monday, shovels ready, to mark the beginning of a major construction project. They faced a gray structure that’s been home to the fire department since 1973, but will soon be razed to make way for a new station.

John Rose Is Named Oak Bluffs Fire Chief

Appointed acting chief 10 months ago, John Rose now has a permanent place as head of the town fire department. The vote by the five town selectmen was unanimous on Tuesday night, amid praise for Mr. Rose.

Oak Bluffs Firemen Appoint Two

Confirming the first promotions under a restructured force, the Oak Bluffs selectmen this week appointed two men to the upper ranks of the fire department.

Shawn Broadley was named deputy fire chief, and Manuel (Manny) Rose was appointed assistant fire chief.

Oak Bluffs Dive Team Descends on Submerged Car for Rescue Drill

A caravan-style car drove off the end of the Steamship Authority dock and was trapped underwater with four passengers inside.

This was the premise of a training scenario staged Sunday morning for the Oak Bluffs dive and rescue team.

“An elderly person had a medical event and they gunned it down the terminal,” said Oak Bluffs fire department acting chief John Rose, who conducted the dive team’s first car rescue drill.

With New Station and Structure, Oak Bluffs Prepares to Revamp Fire Department

After more than a year of discussion, Oak Bluffs is poised to modernize its fire department by creating a new command structure.

Oak Bluffs Increases Stipends for Volunteer Firefighters

The Oak Bluffs selectmen Tuesday unanimously approved increased annual stipends for the fire department. When requesting the increase, acting fire chief John Rose said the new stipends are more comparable to the pay scale in other towns.

Trading Ladders for Flippers, Oak Bluffs Fire Department Dives In

Traci Monteith is afraid of heights but she loves depths. She’s been diving in Vineyard waters for more than 10 years, but only recently has she been working toward certification as an advanced diver on the Oak Bluffs fire department dive team. On a recent Thursday evening, she wet-suited up alongside two other members of the team for their first night dive.

Review Criticizes Oak Bluffs Fire Department Internal Practices

An independent review of the Oak Bluffs fire department turned up a series of needed improvements, including better record keeping, clearer policies and procedures and improved communication between town and fire authorities.

Tension Inside Oak Bluffs Fire Department Leads to Emergency Services Separation

Tension Inside Oak Bluffs Fire Department Leads to Emergency Services Separation


Following mounting dissension in the Oak Bluffs fire department, the chairman of the board of selectmen moved this week to make the ambulance service a separate department.

Selectman and board chairman Gregory Coogan said he made a management decision Wednesday to split the two services, a move he said was long overdue.

"I think there are inherent problems in the two departments," Mr. Coogan said. "I think they have been at odds over time."