Penikese to Reopen as Youth Treatment Center

After more than a year pursuing a state license, a small treatment center on Penikese island is preparing to open its doors. The newly-licensed Penikese, a program for adolescent boys with substance abuse and mental health issues, expects to open June 23.

Remote Penikese School Will Relocate to New Hampshire

After months of waiting to receive state licensing to operate on Penikese Island, a treatment center for adolescent boys with substance abuse and mental health issues will move temporarily to New Hampshire.

Seeking a Silver Lining Among Dark Clouds

If you believe that Chilmark Store pizza costs more per square inch than Chilmark real estate, then it shouldn’t be hard to make the leap to the premise that inch for inch, the 75 acres that make up Penikese island have more history than any other place of its size in  the country.

Penikese School To Reopen, Its Mission Early Intervention for Teens

The school on Penikese island will reopen this summer under new leadership and a new name, the board of directors for the school confirmed this week.

The new school will be named Penikese.

The program will use the same facilities as the long-running Penikese Island School, and will begin admitting adolescents with substance abuse issues beginning between mid-July and mid-August.

Lepers, Delinquents and Ghosts, Oh My: The Thrice-Cursed Island of Penikese

Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from Holly Mascot Nadler’s latest book, Vineyard Supernatural, True Ghost Stories from America’s Most Haunted Island. Because the Vineyard and its smaller Island neighbors are rich in both history and hauntings, the spirit of Halloween is unusually potent here. So while out celebrating with friends and family this night, it might be a good idea to remember what they say on Penikese: “You gotta respect the ghosts.”