Lobster Boat Rescue Averts Large Oil Spill

After nearly two days of foundering in the surf near a remote coastline in Aquinnah with hundreds of gallons of fuel on board, the Sherry Ann, a 46-foot offshore lobster boat out of Westport, was freed from her unwanted rocky berth and towed to a nearby salvage barge Thursday afternoon.

News Update: Thursday, July 12 - Work Begins to Remove Fuel from Grounded Lobster Boat Off Aquinnah

Salvage work began off a remote beach in Aquinnah Thursday morning to remove some 800 gallons of fuel from a 46-foot Wesport lobster boat that went aground late Tuesday night.

News Update: Wednesday, July 11 - Lobster Boat Runs Aground in Aquinnah, Taking on Water

A Wesport lobster boat remained on the rocks and in the surf off a remote coastline in Aquinnah Wednesday night, with salvage efforts set to begin again on Thursday morning.

Coast Guard public affairs spokesmen said that while the 46-foot Sherry Ann had a gash in her hull and some 800 gallons of fuel on board, they believed there was no imminent danger of a fuel spill.