Shipwrecks Below Island Waters Are Museums Unto Themselves

A mile and a half off East Chop, 50 feet down, is a 380-foot World War I British freighter laden with motorcycles, steel billets, railroad car wheels, candles and clothes, still waiting patiently for delivery to the front lines in France. It is the Port Hunter and for photographer and anthropologist Sam Low it was a teenage playground.

Lobster Boat Rescue Averts Large Oil Spill

After nearly two days of foundering in the surf near a remote coastline in Aquinnah with hundreds of gallons of fuel on board, the Sherry Ann, a 46-foot offshore lobster boat out of Westport, was freed from her unwanted rocky berth and towed to a nearby salvage barge Thursday afternoon.

News Update: Thursday, July 12 - Work Begins to Remove Fuel from Grounded Lobster Boat Off Aquinnah

Salvage work began off a remote beach in Aquinnah Thursday morning to remove some 800 gallons of fuel from a 46-foot Wesport lobster boat that went aground late Tuesday night.

News Update: Wednesday, July 11 - Lobster Boat Runs Aground in Aquinnah, Taking on Water

A Wesport lobster boat remained on the rocks and in the surf off a remote coastline in Aquinnah Wednesday night, with salvage efforts set to begin again on Thursday morning.

Coast Guard public affairs spokesmen said that while the 46-foot Sherry Ann had a gash in her hull and some 800 gallons of fuel on board, they believed there was no imminent danger of a fuel spill.