Town's Ban on Herbicides in Squibnocket Pond Upheld in Legal Action

A two-year effort by a group of Chilmark landowners to use herbicides to combat phragmites in Squibnocket Pond came to an end this week. The Hon. Gordon H. Piper on Monday vacated his own ruling from last January that had found a Chilmark bylaw banning herbicides on the pond was not valid.

Board Backs Ban on Herbicides Around Squibnocket Pond

A group of riparian owners on Squibnocket Pond pressing for permission to use herbicides to control phragmites found no relief from the Chilmark zoning board of appeals this week.

The board of appeals voted unanimously to uphold a cease and desist order that bars the Squibnocket Pond Organization from using the herbicide Rodeo on the invasive plants.

Slippery Fun: Ice Boats Fly on Squibnocket Pond

For much of the work week, Emily Bramhall inhabits a world devoted to the creature comforts of the indoor world - stuffed pillows, luxurious bedsheets and cozy handknit sweaters sold at her store on Main street Vineyard Haven.

It was all the more shocking then to see Ms. Bramhall wearing a crash helmet and scrunched into the wooden cockpit of a vessel capable of reaching 60 miles per hour across the ice of a frozen pond.

Paddling Squibnocket Pond, A World Away

On almost the last day of summer my husband and I loaded our kayaks on top of the car and found our way to the entrance of Squibnocket Pond for our last waterway exploration of the summer.