Stop & Shop Critics Mobilize

As a long public review of the Stop & Shop expansion winds down before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, opposition to the project has begun to heat up. An Island citizens group is circulating an online petition and organizing a letter-writing campaign to the MVC.

Stop & Shop Attorney Responds

The Gazette’s recent editorial headlined Straight Dealing is warranted in its call for transparency over Stop & Shop’s proposal for a new, much improved store in Tisbury.

Bridge for Sale Too

Am I to understand that my town’s selectmen, in Tristan Israel’s absence, secretly sold the farm for Stop & Shop pocket change?

Selectmen Shift Stance on Pledge of Support for Stop & Shop

At the urging of Tristan Israel who was not present last week, Tisbury selectmen voted Tuesday to remove language from an agreement with Stop & Shop pledging their support for the grocery chain’s expansion plans.

Stop & Shop Agrees to Pay Tisbury $1.16 Million in Mitigation Money

A memorandum announced by the Tisbury selectmen Tuesday calls for Stop & Shop to make a large payment to the town and meet other conditions. For its part, the town has agreed to support the expansion plan before the Martha's Vineyard Commission.

Stop & Shop Hearing Stalls Over Town Letter

At last Thursday’s meeting Geoghan Coogan, attorney representing Stop & Shop, told the commission that the letter from the town has added a new wrinkle to the discussion, although he could not elaborate.

Parking Lot Issue Delays Stop & Shop Hearing

A letter from the town of Tisbury concerning the town parking lot is the cause of another bump in the road in Stop & Shop's effort to get approval for an expanded Vineyard Haven store. The Martha's Vineyard Commission held a four-hour hearing Thursday, then continued it to April 17.

Tisbury Selectmen Approve Parking Lot Redesign

A redesign proposal for the parking lot adjacent to the Stop & Shop building featuring 64 parking spaces set at 90 degrees and a multi-use path was approved by Tisbury selectmen on Tuesday.

Stop & Shop Hearing Postponed Again

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission Thursday approved a request from the grocery chain to postpone a public hearing scheduled for Feb. 20 to March 20. The drawn-out process has become one of many sticking points in the expansion plan.

Parking Lot Plan Is Tisbury Puzzle

As the Stop & Shop presses its expansion plan in front of the Martha's Vineyard Commission, focus shifts to a potential redesign of the town-owned parking lot adjacent to the store.