Auditions for Young Actors: Goldilocks’ Musical Twist

Do you like to act? sing? dance? Are you between the ages of 8 and 18? Then here is a performance opportunity for you: IMP is producing the family fun play with music Bears Beware! Goldilocks Is in Your Town, by Donna Swift and Ross Mihalko, lyrics by Ross Mihalko, music by Brian Weiland and A.J. Robb. No experience is needed, just a desire to work hard and have fun.

Immigrant Voices Travel from Island to Harvard

Nightmares and Dreams: Immigrant Voices is a short play written and performed by a group of 5 to 12 Vineyardwomen from six different Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Uruguay. The play was created in an adult education conversational English class using theater exercises, music, and literature as creative and effective learning tools.

Off to See the Wizard (In Edgartown)

The Edgartown School presents the classic musical play The Wizard of Oz on Friday, Nov. 6 and Saturday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

My Kingdom for a Sock Puppet: Antony and Cleopatra

There are few plays in history that attempt as much spectacle on stage as Antony and Cleopatra, a romantic tragedy of war, lust, politics, lust, betrayal and lust. “This script is frequently quite over-the-top, and the lead characters so histrionic about their feelings for each other that it borders on farce,” explains Nicole Galland, who is cocreator with Chelsea McCarthy of Shakespeare for the Masses, an off-season project produced by the Vineyard Playhouse to make Shakespeare’s plays accessible, fun and affordable (as a matter of fact, it’s free).

From the Page to the Stage, the Pick of the Crop

From the Page to the Stage, the Pick of the Crop

Three original plays, penned by Islanders Taffy McCarthy, John Ortman and Peter Palches, will move from the page to the stage for two weekends in a row at the Katharine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven in an Island Theatre Workshop presentation called Pick of the Crop.

Longtime Island Theatre Workshop artistic director Lee Fierro directs Peter Palches’ Sam Meets Maria, or Still Here, which features Island actors Niki Patton and George Ricci.

All-Star Ensemble Brings Tuskegee Airmen Heroics to Vineyard Playhouse

Sitting down for a lunch break at a windowside table at Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven, Ricardo Khan leaned in comfortably and said with a laugh, “You’ll have to do the talking, I’ve got to eat!” His eyes brim with good humor; this is a man at ease with himself and the world around him. Small personal tales spill easily into the conversation, unsurprising for a playwright and director who has dedicated his life to the art of gathering individual stories and weaving them into narratives that speak to an audience from the stage.

Fundraiser Turns Diners’ Dollars Into Flyer Miles for Drama Kids

High school drama students played in the Yard last weekend — performing in a new (for them) up-Island setting to match the students’ new much-upped fund-raising goal: enough money to take a strong ensemble to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next year.

This fundraiser was particularly significant for the drama department because of their long-term endeavor to raise $6,000 per student to participate in the Fringe, at the invitation of a national student theatre organization.

The Lonesome West: A Brothers’ Quarrel

The audience at the Katharine Cornell starts tittering the moment Coleman Conner (Chris Brophy) swaggers onstage. Hips thrust forward, jaw slack, malevolent halfwit eyes groping around the room for something to steal or mangle, he manages to make his trip from the doorway to the liquor cabinet into one continuous promise: we are in for a treat.

Bella: Artist, Philosopher, Musician, Puppeteer

In his 1841 essay Circles, the transcendentalist philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson celebrated the moment when a visionary rises up amongst us. “By a flash of his eye,” wrote Emerson, the artist “burns up the veil which shrouded all things, and the meaning of the very furniture, of cup and saucer, of chair and clock and tester, is manifest.”

Kim and Delia Bring Their Dark Enchantments to Katama Farm

Something is growing at the Farm Institute, alongside the tomatoes.

It’s a fairy tale with a surrealist bent, a celebration of the power of imagination with a somber undertone.

Written by Brian Ditchfield, and originally conceived as a video to be shot in alleyways of Chicago, Kim and Delia is the first production of Art Farm, Mr. Ditchfield’s and Brooke Hardman’s joint venture in something they call “sustainable art.”