From Edgartown to Broadway, Vineyard Arts Project Paves Way

Four years ago, Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to participate in Vineyard Arts Project’s first annual New Writers New Plays festival.

Vineyard Roots Help Grow New Tony Nominated Play

James Lapine's new play Act One, incubated at the Vineyard Arts Project, was recently nominated for five Tony awards including Best Play. Tony Shalhoub was nominated for Best Actor.

Vineyard Arts Project Sows the Seeds of Artistic Inspiration

Logan Settle, 8, and Damian Hudson, 23, had a bet. If Damian won, Logan would have to fix him a hot dog with mustard. If Logan won, Damian had to bring Logan a Golden Oreo cookie.

The two stepped into a pair of sacks and hopped off on the lawn of 215 Upper Main street in Edgartown. Damian won, and was promptly challenged to a rematch. He agreed but first he needed to finish the hot dog.

Curving Around Classical Ballet’s Free Revolution

B allerinas dance with their feet, balancing on pointe shoes with their limbs elongated to expose the intricate workings of muscles, or leaping across stage, leaving only a slight noise on the floor. But this week at the Vineyard Arts Project, they were dancing with their hands. Wrists became entangled, thumbs circled other digits, and knuckles discovered unexplored crevices.

Play-by-Play at Art’s Cutting Edge

The folks responsible for the musical Witness Uganda were seated in a circle of folding chairs in a large mirrored Vineyard Arts Project studio Tuesday afternoon, taking a needed break from their rehearsal schedule to talk about the origins of their project. Writer and director team Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews offered tales of their travels to Africa, shared stories of the Ugandan university students around whom the script is based, and introduced two of their star actors, Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson.