Below is a full listing of dining options on Martha's Vineyard. Many restaurants are only open seasonally, so be sure to call ahead for availability.


Fine dining restaurant that also offers a casual bistro menu. 71 Main Street. 508-627-9999.

Among the Flowers Café  
Outdoor patio dining. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. 17 Mayhew Lane. 508-627-3233. 

Atlantic Fish & Chop House
2 Main Street. 508-627-7001.

Elegant dining indoors and outdoors. The Brick Cellar Bar offers casual dining and live entertainment. 137 Main Street. 508-627-5850.

Behind the Bookstore
44 Main Street. 508-627-8463.

38 North Water Street. 508-627-1234.

China House
234 Upper Main Street. 508-627-7272.

Dairy Queen
Signature soft serve ice cream and Orange Julius. Outdoor seating. 242 Upper Main Street. 508-627-5001.

Détente Restaurant
Nevin Square, Winter Street. 508-627-8810.

Dippin’ Donuts
241 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. 508-627-7725.

Dock St. Coffee Shop
2 Dock Street. 508-627-5232.

Edgartown Deli
52 Main Street. 508-627-4789.

Edgartown Inn
Full country breakfast served in historic setting. 56 North Water Street. 508-627-4794.

Edgartown Meat & Fish Market
Gourmet market, deli, and bakery. Starbucks coffee. 240 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, at the Triangle. 508-627-6200.

Edgartown Pizza
224 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. 508-627-7770.

Espresso Love
Coffee, baked goods, café meals, and daily specials. Outdoor garden dining. 17 Church Street. 508-627-9211.

Flatbread Company
All natural, wood-fired pizza. Dine indoors or in the courtyard. Live music. 17 Airport Road. 508-693-1137.

The Grill on Main
Specializing in New England-American Cuisine. Price Fixe menu offered. 227 Upper Main Street. 508-627-8344.

Henry's Hotel Bar
Elegant bar menu. Dine indoors or on the porch overlooking the harbor. At the Harbor View Hotel, 131 North Water Street, Edgartown. 508-627-7000.

Humphreys Bakery
Sandwiches, baked goods, soups, and salads. 32 Winter Street. 508-627-7029.

Italian fine dining restaurant with bar area and take-out menu. 19 Church Street. 508-524-6929.

Katama General Store
Sandwiches, deli, prepared food, and groceries. En route to South Beach. 170 Katama Road. 508-627-5071.

22 North Water Street. 508-627-5187.

Lucky Hank’s
218 Upper Main Street. 508-939-4082.

Lure Grill
Menu inspired by local ingredients. Outdoor dining with ocean views. At the Winnetu, 31 Dunes Road. 508-627-3663.

MacPhail's Corner Café and Scoop Shack                                                                                                                                                                                                                     18 Dock Street. 508-939-3090.

Mad Martha’s
7 North Water Street. 508-627-8761.

Main Street Diner
65 Main Street. 508-627-9337.

Murdick’s Café
Fresh baked goods, sandwiches, coffee, and smoothies. 21 North Water Street. 508-627-7206.

Murdick’s Fudge
Fresh fudge, peanut brittle, and chocolate nut clusters – made with the finest ingredients. 21 North Water Street. 508-627-8047.

The Newes from America
Vintage American pub offering a blend of American and British pub food. Microbrew selection. 23 Kelly Street. 508-627-4397.

Not Your Sugar Mamas
32 Winter Street. 508-834-7305.

The Pizza Place
249 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. 508-627-9994.

Tropical Bakery
266 Upper Main Street. 508-627-3773.

Port Hunter
Casual seafood restaurant and raw bar. 55 Main Street. 508-627-7477.

A variety of take-out selections. 29 Dock Street. 508-627-5346.

R&B’s Eatery
258 Upper Main Street. 508-627-7753.

Right Fork Diner
12 Mattakesset Way. 508-627-5522.

Rockfish                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Casual dining experience. Tapas style. Flatbreads, small and large plates. 11 North Water Street. 508-627-9967.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Seafood Shanty
Fine food and drinks with views of Edgartown Harbor from the rooftop patio. Lunch, dinner, and sushi. 31 Dock Street. 508-627-8622. 

Sharky's Cantina
Authentic Mexican cuisine. Lunch and dinner. Outdoor dining and take-out. 266 Upper Main Street. 508-627-6565.

Shiretown Meats
227 Upper Main Street. 508-627-5115.

Skinny's Fat Sandwiches
7 North Water Street. 508-627-6990.

Slice of Edgartown
Kelley Street, next to Portobello Road. 508-627-7641

Full service gourmet grocer offering deli sandwiches and prepared entrees. Outdoor dining and take-out. 190 Upper Main Street. 508-627-8489. 

Sophia’s One Stop Mart
199 Upper Main Street. 508-627-4661.

Square Rigger Restaurant
225 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven. 508-627-9968.

The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn
Fine dining in a conservatory setting. Locally sourced, American cuisine with a twist. 27 South Summer Street. 508-627-6227.  

The Ice Cream & Candy Bazaar
5 Dock Street. 508-627-8735.

Tocco Puro
3 South Water Street. 508-939-3123

Water Street
Contemporary cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the historic Harbor View Hotel. 131 North Water Street. 508-627-7000.  

The Wharf Pub & Restaurant
Classic pub setting offering seafood, sandwiches, and pasta. Lunch and dinner. 5 Main Street. 508-627-9966.

16 Kennebec Avenue. 508-338-2065.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine
67 Circuit Avenue. 508-696-6322.

BeeDee's                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              5 Oak Bluffs Avenue. 508-338-2220.

Beetlebung Lounge
53 Circuit Avenue. 508-696-0053.

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium
20A Circuit Avenue. 508-696-0008.

26 Lake Avenue. 508-693-2033.

Big Dipper Ice Cream & Café
4 Lake Avenue. 508-693-4243.

Campground Café                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             40 Trinity Park. 508-693-1608.

Carousel Ice Cream Factory

Coop de Ville & Shuck Shack
Seafood and raw bar on the waterfront. Outdoor covered dining. Dockside Marketplace, Oak Bluffs Harbor. 508-693-3420.

Farm Neck Café
Casual dining overlooking the First Tee. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Outdoor dining. 1 Farm Neck Way. 508-693-3560. 

Fishbones Grille
Dockside Marina. 508-696-8227.

Giordano’s Restaurant
107 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-0184.

Good Ship Lollipop
Homemade chocolate, old-fashioned candies, and even dietary specific treats. 61 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-0326. 

Lola’s Southern Seafood
Fresh seafood and raw bar. Live music. Dinner nightly and Sunday brunch. 15 Island Inn Road. 508-693-6093.

Island Bar & Grill
11 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-4516.

Linda Jean’s Restaurant
A local favorite featuring American diner food. Daily specials. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 25 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-4093. 

Lobsterville Bar and Grill
Overlooking the harbor, enjoy fresh seafood, and refreshing cocktails. Lunch and dinner. 8 Circuit Avenue Extension. 508-696-0099.

Lookout Tavern
American fare, sushi, and clam bar. Dine in while overlooking Nantucket Sound or take-out. 8 Seaview Avenue Extension. 508-696-9844. 

Mad Martha’s
12 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-9151.

Martha's Vineyard Chowder Co.
Local fish house and raw bar. 9 Oak Bluffs Avenue. 508-696-3000.

Mister Pugg’s Mugg
49 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-6368.

MV Gourmet Café and Bakery / Back Door Donuts
Gourmet coffees, baked goods, sandwiches, and desserts. 5 Post Office Square. 508-693-3688.

Mocha Motts
10 Circuit Avenue. 508-696-1922.

Murdick’s Fudge
Fresh fudge, peanut brittle, and chocolate nut clusters – made with the finest ingredients. 5 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-2335.

Nancy’s Restaurant
29 Lake Avenue on the harbor. 508-693-0006.

Ocean View Restaurant & Tavern
Traditional seafood and American fare with full salad bar. Pub food and pizza in tavern. 16 Chapman Avenue. 508-693-2207.

Offshore Ale Co.
Rustic, regional fare from seafood to burgers, steaks to pizza. Ale brewed on the premises. 30 Kennebec Avenue. 508-693-2626. 

Park Corner Bistro
20H Kennebec Avenue. 508-696-9922.

Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack
5 Oak Bluffs Avenue. 508-693-1111.

Red Cat Kitchen at Ken ‘n Beck
14 Kennebec Avenue. 508-696-6040.
Sand Bar & Grille
The Island’s only "Beach Bar" on the Oak Bluffs Harbor. Lunch and dinner. 6 Circuit Avenue Extension. 508-693-7111. 

Sharky’s Cantina
Authentic Mexican cuisine. Lunch and dinner. Outdoor dining and take-out. 31 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-7501. 

Skinny's Fat Sandwiches
12 Circuit Avenue, 508-693-5281.

Slice of Life
Casual café bakery. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 50 Circuit Avenue. 508-693-3838.

The Sweet Life Café
Gourmet dining in an intimate setting. French-American cuisine. Dinner. 63 Circuit Avenue. 508-696-0200. 

The Sweet Spot
12 Circuit Avenue Extension. 508-687-2022.

Tony’s Market and Deli
Deli-style fare. Sandwiches, salads, ready-to-heat dinner entrees. Take-out only. 119 Dukes County Avenue. 508-693-4799.

Y Café at the YMCA of Martha's Vineyard                                                                                                                                                                                                         Smoothies, sandwiches, soups, and pizza. Breakfast and lunch. Take-out. 111R Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. 508-696-7171.


Art Cliff Diner and Food Truck
39 Beach Road. 508-693-1224.

Black Dog Bakery and Café
Two locations: 509 State Road and 11 Water Street. 508-696-8190.

Black Dog Tavern
20 Beach Street Extension. 508-693-9223.

Blissed Out
65 Main Street. 508-693-0083.

Blue Canoe Waterfront Grill
52 Beach Road. 508-693-3332.

Copper Wok
Pan Asian and sushi house. 9 Main Street. 508-693-3416. 

Humphreys Bakery
455 State Road. 508-693-6518.

John’s Fish Market
5 Martin Road. 508-693-1220.

La Choza Burritos
4 Main Street. 508-693-9050.

Little House Café
Take-out. 339 State Road. 508-687-9794.

Mad Martha’s
48 Main Street. 508-693-5883.

Mocha Motts
15 Main Street. 508-693-1347.  

Murdick’s Fudge
Fresh fudge, peanut brittle, and chocolate nut clusters – made with the finest ingredients. 79 Main Street. 508-693-7344.

Nat's Nook                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      38 Main Street. 508-338-2340.

The Net Result
Upper scale fish market, take-out and sushi bar. Outdoor picnic table dining. 79 Beach Road, Tisbury Marketplace. 508-693-6071. 

Not Your Sugar Mamas
79 Beach Road, Tisbury Marketplace. 508-834-7305.

Porto Pizza
Deep dish, thin crust, or by the slice. Take-out and delivery. 36 Water Street. 508-693-6200.

Pizza and Italian cuisine. Eat in or take-out. 79 Beach Road, Tisbury Marketplace. 508-693-1125.

The Scottish Bakehouse
Local, organic, and vegan fare. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take-out and outdoor picnic table dining. 977 State Road. 508-693-6633. 

Tisberry Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies
Cromwell Lane. 508-693-1145.

Tropical Restaurant
13 Beach Street Extension. 508-696-0715.
Waterside Market
Gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beer and wine served with meals. 82 Main Street. 508-693-8899.

Wolf's Den Pizza                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                45 Beach Road. 508-687-9112.

Woodland Variety & Grill
American fare. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 455 State Road. 508-693-6795.


1045 State Road, West Tisbury. 508-693-4636

Aquinnah Shop Restaurant
27 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah. 508-645-3867.

The Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant
Locally sourced farm-to-table restaurant with a view of Menemsha Harbor. 50 Beach Plum Lane, Menemsha. 508-645-9454. 

Beetlebung Coffee House
24 Basin Road, Menemsha. 508-645-9950.

The Bite
29 Basin Road, Menemsha. 508-645-9239.

Chilmark General Store
Pizza, sandwiches, and salads.Take-out. 7 State Road, Chilmark. 508-645-3739.
Chilmark Tavern
9 State Road, Chilmark. 508-645-9400.

21 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah. 508-645-2600.

Eileen Blake’s Pies and Otherwise
515 State Road, West Tisbury. 508-693-0528.

Faith's Seafood Shack and Sushi Bar
Gay Head Cliffs, 33 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah. 508-645-4080.

Fella’s Take-Out
479 State Road, West Tisbury. 508-693-6924.

Home Port Restaurant
512 North Road, Menemsha. 508-645-2679.

Lambert’s Cove Inn and Restaurant
Elegant dining in a restored farmhouse. Fresh Island produce. 90 Manaquayak Road, Vineyard Haven. 508-693-2298.

Larsen’s Fish Market
56 Basin Road, Menemsha. 508-645-2680.

Menemsha Fish Market
54 Basin Road, Menemsha. 508-645-2282.

Menemsha Galley
515 North Road, Menemsha. 508-645-9819.

Outermost Inn
81 Lighthouse Road, Aquinnah. 508-645-3511.

Orange Peel Bakery
22 State Road, Aquinnah. 508-645-2025.

Plane View Restaurant
71 Airport Road, West Tisbury. 508-693-1886.

State Road Restaurant
Contemporary American tavern. Local-inspired fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every season. 688 State Road, West Tisbury. 508-693-8582.