825 GOSNOLD Legal Notices



Massachusetts Town of Gosnold –

Contract No.1-2021

The Town of Gosnold (Town) is soliciting bids for the Stormwater Drainage Improvements and Roadway Repair Project.

Sealed bids shall be mailed to Catherine Ricks at Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, 15 Creek Road, Marion, Massachusetts, 02738, or by email to catherine.ricks@foth.com until the date and time of the bid opening: SUBMISSION DEADLINE March 19, 2021 11:00 AM Prevailing Time Invitation for Bid documents are available electronically by contacting Beth Schuh, via email at: beth.schuh@foth.com with subject: “1-2021: IFB REQUEST” on or after MARCH 3, 2021.

A non-mandatory Pre-bid Conference and Inspection Tour will be held on-site at Cuttyhunk Island, Gosnold, Massachusetts, on MARCH 12, 2021, at 10:00AM. Cuttyhunk Ferry will depart from New Bedford at 9:00AM. Return ferry will be at 2:00PM. Alternate arrangements for a group shuttle can be made if requested. Shuttle arrangements would be made through Cuttyhunk Water Taxi: Seahorse. Required COVID-19 protocol and guidance must be followed. All inquiries and questions from bidders must be submitted electronically via e-mail to beth.schuh@foth.com no later than MARCH 15, 2021, at 5:00PM. Answers to all questions will be posted in the form of an addendum and sent via e-mail, to all recipients of the Invitation for Bid. Bidding procedures and the award of the Contract and Subcontracts will be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 30, Section 39M of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Accordingly, the project will be awarded to the lowest eligible, responsible and responsive bidder. Attention is called to the fact that supplies furnished as part of this Contract are exempt from the Sales and Use Tax, and all labor as part of this project complies with current prevailing state wage rates. All bids submitted should take these factors into consideration and be calculated accordingly. Bidders must submit a 5% bid deposit with their bids. The selected Contractor must furnish a payment bond of 50% of the contract price and a performance bond for 100% of the contract price within 10 days of the contract award date. The Bidder must complete the instructions for filing bids, included in the Invitation for Bids, and furnish all required forms with their bid. The Town reserves the right to cancel this procurement at any time before a contract is executed and approved, in which event the Town will reject all submissions received in response to the Invitation for Bids.