Captain James A.M. Earle, a Vineyarder, was the Charles W. Morgan's captain for nine voyages--far more than any other captain.

Mr. Earle married Honor Matthews, a New Zealander he met when he attended a navigation school in Auckland. They were married in Honolulu during the Morgan's 21st voyage.

The Earles had a son, Jamie. Mrs. Earle and Jamie traveled aboard the Morgan for a few of her voyages; several pictures show a young Jamie Earle aboard the Morgan. Honor Earle took up navigation and was often on noon sights aboard the Morgan. Jamie slept in a hammock, and his playground was the deck aft of the mainsail.

Senior shipwright Roger Hambidge, who has been working on the Morgan since the early 1970s, recalled meeting Jamie Earle around that time. He was "a little old man with a long black overcoat, a smallish guy. He was a retired engineer from GE," Mr. Hambidge told the Gazette.

"One of the things he told me was he got in trouble with his mom and dad," Mr. Hambidge recalled. "What happeend was he wanted to see if he could go around the whole ship without touching the deck. Climbing the outside all the way around. When he hopped back aboard he got pretty well chastised."