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When Moving Out Means Moving Next Door: Affordable Housing With a Homegrown Twist

The term family compound once conjured up images of Kennedys in white pants, sipping cocktails on a sprawling lawn between jaunts on the family yacht. While in some circles family estates are still a luxury, compound living now also brings to mind a more modest scenario, often the only option for younger generations finding creative ways to stay on the Island they’ve grown to love.

Big Bites for Little Tykes, Kids' Trout Tournament Casts Wide Net

The annual kids' trout tournament takes place on Saturday, May 7, beginning at first light. On Tuesday morning the first shipment of trout arrived at Duarte's Pond.

From Polluted to Pristine, Quahaug Relay Gives Mollusks New Life

Traveling from polluted Taunton River to Sengekontacket Pond, quahaugs cleanse themselves as nature intended.

Beetlebung Farm Cookbook Wins James Beard Award

Chris Fischer’s cookbook, published last spring, was honored this week with a James Beard Award for American Cooking.

Ketch Ayuthia Makes Maiden Passage Beneath New Lagoon Pond Drawbridge

Ayuthia, an 80-year-old wooden sailing vessel, made the first official passage through the new Lagoon Pond drawbridge Saturday morning.

New Owners, Bright Future for Old Vineyard Haven Inn

Marrying the old with the new is the vision for Simon and Annabelle Hunton, the new owners of the Nobnocket Boutique Inn. The inn formerly known as the Doctor’s House opens in May.

Courtney Brothers Plan New Eatery in Edgartown

The former Edgartown Deli will become the newest bar and restaurant in the heart of the village. Island native Chris Fischer will be chef.

Florida Dreaming and The Winter What-Ifs

Moira C. Silva

It is mid-February. Winter’s sea-frosted breath is seeping through the cracks in my house and chilling the bones of everyone we left behind. I admit that it gives me the tiniest bit of guilty pleasure to imagine this as I linger over brunch with my family in historic Winter Park, Fla., 90 miles from where I attended high school. Call it Vacation schadenfreude.

Little Boxes: At Home with Molly and David Finkelstein

W hen Molly Finkelstein and her husband David built their house in West Tisbury more than 40 years ago, they weren’t exactly building with their forever home in mind. But instead of starting from scratch, they have decided to help the home they’ve grown to love grow with them, along the way upgrading and reimagining the space to suit the needs of their family.

D.I.Y. Dinner: Homegrown Community Kitchens

On Martha’s Vineyard, where the grocery stores proudly sell Island-grown meat and kids plant veggies at school, growing one’s own food is hardly breaking news. But some Islanders have taken this Do-It-Yourself impulse a step further by designing and building their own kitchen equipment, from solar ovens to industrial smokers. And while they’re hard at work pumping out great meals, (in most cases using only the freshest, most-local ingredients), these homegrown slow cookers are also busy building another Island-inspired tradition: community.