Guests returning to the Great Harbour Inn in Edgartown, the former Kelley House, have some surprises in store for them, but it is doubtful that they will miss the coal bin. For probably none of them knew that what is now a most attractive small parlor to the left of the front door, was once the hotel coal bin, which has been relegated to the rear, close to the furnace.

Now equipped with windows to match the others along the front of the house, with an attractive fireplace, and furnished with antiques, it makes a welcome addition to the hotel. Other improvements include the redecorating of the big dining room along colonial lines, the covering of the dining room floor with linoleum of attractive design and the cutting of a door which leads to the garden and terrace and will be a convenience to guests living in the cottages nearer the water.

What was once the kitchen of the establishment is now in process of transformation into an additional dining room which can be used for special parties or as an adjunct to the main dining room with which it is connected by double glass doors.