Sgt. Jon L. Grimmett, the son in law of Mr. and Mrs. Petronio Ortiz of Vineyard Haven, was killed in action in Vietnam on Jan. 24. He was 21 years old and had been in the service two years, the final six months, to the day, having been in Vietnam. No details beyond this fact have been made known to the family.
Sergeant Grimmett was born in Cossekana, Tex., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hall Grimmett. His mother is the former Miss Marjorie Santos of Vineyard Haven. He was educated in Blooming Grove, Tex., and was married to Miss Renee Ortiz shortly before he left for Vietnam in June. Mrs. Grimmett had flown to Hong Kong to meet her husband last week, who had been due for a leave, and was notified on her arrival there that he had fallen in action.
She has returned home to her parents, and is waiting for the body of her husband to arrive. The funeral and interment with take place in Vineyard Haven.
Shocked as only a bereft wife can be, Mrs. Grimmett is sustained by her pride and that which marked her husband. “He was a good soldier,” she said, “who wore his uniform with pride and met death like a man in the service of his country.”
Besides his wife, Sergeant Grimmett is survived by his parents, who are at present in Hong Kong.

From the July 16, 1968 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:


Medals to Be Presented

The presentation of several posthumous medals to the widow of Marine Sgt. Jon L. Grimmett will take place Wednesday evening in War Veterans Memorial Park with ceremonies at the flagpole. Sergeant Grimment was killed in Vietnam on Jan. 28.
The medals will be presented by Capt. Vincent Barbabella, commanding officer at Fort Rodman. The American Legion contingent will be under the command of C. Morton Vincent, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be led by Paul Kerns.

From the August 6, 1968 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:


Silver Star Awarded

Mrs. Jon Grimmett, widow of Sgt. Jon Grimmett, who fell in battle in Vietnam, to whom eight medals were posthumously awarded, has been notified that the Silver Star for gallantry has also been awarded to him, and it will be presented shortly. The others were presented in a formal ceremony a few weeks ago.