Frost Biters Begin Races

Off of Vineyard Haven

The Frost Biters and Winter Guys sailing group, which sails in the waters off Vineyard Haven, have held their first two races of the season.

George Delaney in Ardent won the first spring race of the Frost Biters and Winter Guys sailing group, held May 25 at Vineyard Haven.

The sailors raced once around the Nun 6 buoy in the harbor, the Nun 4 buoy off West Chop, and the Can 23A buoy off East Chop. The winds were east-northeast at six to 12 knots.

Second place went to Phil Hale in Mischief, third place to Mike Loberg in Masquerade, fourth place to Dan Culkin in Magic Time, and fifth place to Peter Strock in Arion.

On June 1, Mr. Hale won the second race of the season, sailing Mischief.

Winds, which came out of the west-southwest, were strong during the race, with sustained winds of 15 to 20 knots and gusts to 30. The race drew three Frost Biters and Winter Guys. Mr. Loberg finished second in Masquerade; Peter Strock completed the race in Arion under power.

More information about the sailing group is available by calling Phil Hale at 508-693-0400.