Friday, May 30: Sunny. Summer weather. Temperature rises to mid-70s. A night for a barbecue. The smell of freshly cooked burgers drifts through downtown Edgartown. Stars make a showing late at night. Cool.

Saturday, May 31: Sunny and dry. High-flying cirrus clouds in the afternoon. A couple walks the beach at Eastville Beach. Ferry Island Home passes off Middle Ground. Fishing boats are adrift in the breaking rip on Middle Ground. Bull frogs sound off a still pond in Chilmark.

Sunday, June 1: Azaleas in downtown Vineyard Haven are in full bloom. A bright sunny morning. Light breeze picks up. Extreme tide in Lagoon Pond covers a marsh. Rabbits run back and forth on Middle Road in West Tisbury. The afternoon is warm. Soccer at Veteran’s Park draws shouts.

Monday, June 2: Bright sunshine in the morning. The pilot gig Grace shoots out of Vineyard Haven harbor and stays close to the east side, heading toward East Chop. Light seas in Nantucket Sound. Sunny with the temperature rising to the 70s. Wisteria are in full bloom in Edgartown. Lilac bush drops its petals. Bright purple and white irises shine in the sunlight nearby. Red sunset. Starry night.

Tuesday, June 3: Clear blue skies. Hazy sunshine in the early afternoon. Clouds arrive in the afternoon. Mackerel skies in late afternoon drift over Chilmark. A still pond off Lambert’s Cove Road is covered by a thin dust of yellow pollen. Bicyclists speed up to the tip of a hill and then ride easily down into the valley. Overcast evening.

Wednesday, June 4: Rain early. Heavy showers mid-morning and continue steadily into the early afternoon. Close to an inch of rainfall. Drizzle in the early afternoon. Fog in the afternoon. Cool. Temperature in the 50s. Grapevines in Vineyard Haven grow another inch after the rain.

Thursday, June 5: A cool, overcast morning. The air is damp and still. Light northerly breeze brings fog from Nantucket Sound into Edgartown. Pools of water on Island streets attract birds.