Friday, August 1: Clear and sunny day. Clouds hug close to the southern sky over the Atlantic Ocean. Clear skies overhead at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in the afternoon. Clouds obscure the sunset. Light breeze. The Milky Way shines overhead. Jupiter is above the southeastern sky.

Saturday, August 2: Sunny in the morning. Clouds increase in the afternoon. A passing thunderstorm brings showers to West Tisbury. Large bolts of lightning shoot across the northwestern sky. Loud thunder. Skies clear before sundown. Pretty sunset over Chilmark. Partly cloudy skies at night.

Sunday, August 3: Fog in the early morning. Fog lifts midmorning in Edgartown. Katama has hazy sunshine. Temperature rises to the mid-80s. Mostly sunny afternoon. Sailboats speed across the Vineyard Haven outer harbor. The waters are turbulent from the wash of boats and prevailing southwest wind in the harbor.

Monday, August 4: Sunny and drier. The air in the early morning smells autumnal. Cool. Temperature in the low 60s. Overhead skies are deep blue. Cumulus clouds drift over Cape Cod. Bathing beaches are loaded with sunbathers in the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 5: Sunny at dawn. A low sun in the morning brings out the colors around Sengekontacket Pond. The marsh grass is lush with greenery. A horseshoe crab wanders slowly just below the surface. The water sparkles around the Big Bridge. Cormorants fly overhead and darken the sky for a moment. Seas off State Beach respond and the waves increase in size. Skies clear in the evening. Baseball and soccer at Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven.

Wednesday, August 6: A dark overcast morning. Sprinkles early. Rain with large raindrops arrives at 9 a.m. A soaker. Rain continues up into noon. Puddles in Edgartown are tinted yellow from pollen. A chilly summer afternoon in Edgartown. Drizzle continues off and on into the afternoon. A cool evening for a walk through a quiet downtown Vineyard Haven late at night. The air dries up in the evening from a light east breeze.

Thursday, August 7: A cloudy leaden gray morning. Sunlight weaves its way through the slow moving clouds and makes little islands on the waters of West Basin. A light southeast breeze.