Tisbury police arrested the chef at the West Chop Club for two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon last Thursday morning after he reportedly attacked several of his co-workers with a knife and a kitchen blow torch normally used to glaze crèmebrûlée.

Keith Davidson, 33, of Huntington, N.Y., was arrested after he reportedly attacked and threatened two other employees, Nathan Richardson of West Virginia and Richard Hebson of Edinburg, Tex.

Tisbury police Sgt. Timothy Stobie and Officer Nicholas DiCicco responded to a call at the private club just before 8 a.m. Officers Michael Gately and Kelly Kershaw also responded for backup.

The officers met several employees, as well as general manager Linda Malcouronne, outside the employee housing off Franklin street. After speaking with several eyewitnesses, they learned that Mr. Davidson reportedly had gone into another employee’s room and threatened him with a knife and blow torch.

As they were talking with the employees, they saw a man dressed in chef’s clothes come out of the second floor door and down the steps. Mr. Davidson was placed into handcuffs, frisked and placed in a police cruiser.

Police then talked with Mr. Vincent, who said he had gone to the Outerland nightclub the previous evening. Mr. Davidson was reportedly asked to leave the club, and Mr. Vincent agreed to take a cab with him back to West Chop.

When they got back, Mr. Davidson reportedly punched Mr. Vincent in the face and Mr. Vincent punched him back.

The next morning at approximately 7 a.m., Mr. Davidson came into Mr. Vincent’s room with a large knife in one hand and a lighted blow torch in the other and asked if he had a problem with him. Mr. Davidson acted as if he was going to stab Mr. Vincent, but instead stabbed a computer in the room several times.

Mr. Vincent’s roommate, Mr. Hebson, later told police that Mr. Davidson also threatened his girlfriend, who was in the room at the time. Mr. Hebson said he subdued Mr. Davidson and held him on the ground until he and Mr. Vincent could get the weapons out of reach and call the police.

No one was injured, police said.