Hurricane Readiness

With the remnants of Hanna having just paid a visit to Vineyard over the weekend, battering docks and shorelines with heavy surf, and Ike still getting organized in the Caribbean, this is shaping up to be a busy hurricane season and Islanders would do well to be prepared. Fresh batteries, water, candles and a sensible supply of canned goods are useful to have on hand in the event of a large storm that knocks out power for more than a few hours. Keep cell phones charged for use in the event of emergencies, since most telephones these days are tied to the grid.

Keep the yard picked up — loose clay pots, lightweight summer furniture and children’s toys can become dangerous flying missiles in high winds. And if you own a boat, remember to stay in touch with your harbor master and be responsible about securing it in a storm. Boats adrift are not only at risk for loss, but they can pose extreme hazards to others at sea.