The Vineyard Energy Project announced this week that it has named David McGlinchey as its new executive director. He takes the helm from Kate Warner, who founded the nonprofit energy project in 2003 with a broad mission of outreach, education and energy development.

Mr. McGlinchey has a background in journalism and in the law; he has just received his law degree from Suffolk University. He graduated from Wake Forest University in 1999 and worked as a reporter for the Leadville Herald Democrat, a weekly newspaper published in Leadville, Colo. Following that he moved to Washington, D.C., where he covered the Pentagon for a magazine group.

He is married with one child, and will live in West Tisbury with his family.

With his arrival the Vineyard Energy Project is beginning to research and develop the idea of an energy cooperative for the Island. Expertise will also be provided by board chairman Paul Pimentel, a professional engineer with 40 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable systems. The cooperative is aimed at building large-scale renewable energy generation projects that are owned by Island residents and designed to produce savings and benefits to the Island community.

The energy project board of directors includes Richard Andre, John Christensen, David Damroth, Ted Danson, Sue Hruby, Kate Warner and Susan Wasserman.

Ms. Warner will work with the energy project for the next few months to assist with the transition of the new director and will remain on the board of the organization. She will continue to provide solar electric installation services in collaboration with Larry Schubert as Under the Sun as well as offering consulting to homeowners, architects and builders about making Island buildings more energy efficient in collaboration with Gino Mazzaferrro in their business, EnergyWise MV.

Please call 508-693-3002 with any questions or to introduce yourself to Mr. McGlinchey.