Happy new year! This is the time we all make our new year’s resolutions and see how long we can keep true to them.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Amonda Convery, who celebrated Dec. 20; Anna Keenan, Dec. 23; Zachary Vukota, Dec. 24; Katherine Dourian and Zachary Wannamaker, who celebrated Dec. 25; Molly Pogue, Paige Pogue and Spencer Pogue Dec. 26; Emma Herrick, Dec. 27; and Connor Donnelly, who celebrated his day Dec. 31.

Special birthday wishes to Josh Kresel who celebrated Dec. 24; Dan Cassidy who celebrated his day Dec. 29; and 21 balloons to Alex Avakian, who celebrated his day Dec. 30.

Happy anniversary to Walter and Gigi Sadowski who were to celebrate their 25th anniversary on Jan. 1. Walter said he and his beautiful wife were married on the same day as Gigi’s great parents, Ralph and Ruth Condlin. They were married in ’48, and Walter and Gigi in ’84. They will be celebrating their anniversary in New York with their daughters Julia and Victoria. Congratulations to you both, and here is to 25 more years together.

I hope you all had a good Christmas. It is great to see kids home from college or from their off-Island homes to visit their parents.

Zack Waller is home from his studies at BC. If he wasn’t, I don’t know who I would have the war of lights with. We started out a few years ago to see who could get the most lights out, and I have to say he has always had a few more than us. But one of these years I may beat him.

Jon Kresel was here to spend Christmas with his parents and his brother Josh. He brought his new addition to his family, Kya, his 12-week old golden retriever puppy.

Tim, Deb and Cooper Gilkes were here to celebrate Christmas with Cooper Lela and Dan Gilkes, and his sister and brother in law, Tina and Jonathan Polleys, and their children J.J. and Audrey.

Pam Dolby and David Weagle’s father in law welcomed home Shannon Dolby Smith and her husband, Andy, and daughter, Adie, on Friday to celebrate the holidays with Shannon’s sister Linley and her husband, David, and brother Chris and his wife, Liza, and children, Ellie and Caroline. It is always a great get-together, and all the children are getting big enough to enjoy Santa and all the presents he brings.

Well, our football season is somewhat over. Not for the blame of the Pats, but we now wait for spring training.

I wish you all a very happy and, most importantly, a healthy new year. Remember if you are attending a party or having guests, hand the keys over or take the keys and let someone drive you or them home safely.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.