Santa on a Steel Horse

Twas about a month before Christmas and many a creature was stirring.

And why not? It was a beautiful fall day, Thanksgiving still two weeks away.

There were no stockings hung by the chimney with care, nor did visions of sugar plums dance in the air.

Thoughts of St. Nick and his bag full of toys were not on this day’s list of joys.

Then a horde of Harley Riders all of them wearing red caps, some even in chaps,

came roaring down roads with the lightest of loads.

They carried empty sacks which they were determined to pack

abundant with toys for needy young girls and boys.

Those who might otherwise go without and spend Christmas with a pout.

So I flung down my rake and gave them my entire take

from a football pool last week I happened to rule.

I gave toys too, all that I could, because this cause is nothing but good.

It’s the Red Stocking fund’s annual toy round up led by some loving toughs

leaving on motorcycles at 11 a.m. from the Portuguese American Club in Oak Bluffs.

Sunday, Nov. 14. is the day of this event.

Call 508-693-3187 to help these riders whom heaven sent.