The third annual Edgartown Yacht Club Dog Show was held recently at the Edgartown Yacht Club’s tennis club. More than 20 dogs entered, accompanied by more than 30 owners and spectators. Every one seemed to be happy; the dogs would have been smiling, if they could, as they enjoyed romping, sniffing and showing off. The greensward was neutral territory, so no dog had to defend it, and everyone got along splendidly.

A chili luncheon was served — there was even some champagne. There were dog biscuits and, for the people, cookies in the shape of dogs, made by Juliana Rogers. Sandy Crowel and Carole Langan created enormous salads. A group of members headed by Sherry Mattison created what was the world’s most enjoyable chili, and great quantities of it.

Even the weather pulled itself together and stopped raining and blowing at 40 knots. Ribbons and prizes were awarded to competitors.

The Dog Most Likely to Be Elected Governor was Jo and Cathy Smith’s Zeus, a black Lab. He won a pretty new collar.

As usual one of Ms. Mattison’s King Charles Spaniels won for Dog Most Likely to Bite the Mail Man.

This year for the first time, an entry fee of $5 was made for each person, to benefit the new animal shelter.

The really wonderful thing about the dog show is that people love doing things with their dogs, the dogs love doing things with their masters, so everyone is having a good time.

— Edith Blake