Sunrise Sunset

Fri., March 4 6:12 5:35

Sat., March 5 6:10 5:36

Sun., March 6 6:09 5:37

Mon., March 7 6:07 5:38

Tues., March 8 6:05 5:39

Wed., March 9 6:04 5:41

Thurs., March 10 6:02 5:42

Fri., March 11 6:00 5:43

A thin crescent moon appears low in the southwestern sky this weekend. The moon will be visible on Sunday night when it appears next to the bright planet Jupiter. The two are in the zodiacal constellation Pisces.

Tomorrow night the crescent hangs so close to the western sky after sunset that it will be barely visible in the glow of twilight. Next to the crescent moon is the faint planet Mercury, although it too will be hard to see.

The best viewing will be from Menemsha Beach, the Gay Head Cliffs or West Chop. Plan to be there at sunset and wait a few minutes. A perfectly clear view of the western sky right down to the horizon is required to see the moon right next to the planet. The two will be visible for a short time after sunset before they descend below the horizon.

The moon appears as a thin sliver, like the letter C, but its orientation is tilted so it appears like the cross section of a bowl capable of holding water.

When ancient astronomers looked at the crescent moon at this time of year, they thought of spring. At other times of the year, the crescent or “bowl” is tipped differently.

On Sunday night the crescent will be more visible when it is both higher and sets later. Appearing right near the moon is the bright planet Jupiter, nearby. The two are a pretty sight.