Writers’ Group Unveiled

On Sunday evenings for the last several years a group of writers has been gathering at the Cleaveland House in West Tisbury, the home of mystery writer Cynthia Riggs. The writers meet to share their work and help critique and inspire each other while traveling down that very solitary road of the creative process.

On two consecutive Mondays in May this cozy writers’ circle is going public by appearing at the West Tisbury Library to share their work which ranges from mystery to memoir, ghost story to biography.

On Monday, May 9 the featured readers will be Cynthia Riggs, Michael Ditchfield, Paul Magid and Mary-Louise Rouff.

On Monday, May 16 Elissa Lash, Shirley Mayhew, Paul Levine and Susanna J. Sturgis will read.

Both evenings begin at 7 p.m.